Things You Didn’t Know About Birbal Sahni The Father Of Indian Palaeobotany

“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future” said Theodore Roosevelt. The past has a lot of mysteries stored in it. Be it science, art, literature or anything, history has always given us facts and things that has helped in development. The world of science is not left behind. With the passing time, there have been developments in the field of science and the credit for these developments goes to the scientists who have studied the past and used the knowledge for the advancement of present. Birbal Sahni was one among those scientists

The Great Indian Botanist : Ganapathi Thanikaimoni

The atmosphere around us is filled with many dust particles, pollen grains, tiny molecules, etc. The world of science has various fields which involves the study of everything present not only on Earth but also on the Universe. There is a field of science which deals with the study of plants, different parts of plant and environment is known as “Botany”. Ganapathi Thanikaimoni was one among those great scientists who made several contributions in the field of botany. Born on the first day of the year, 1st January, 1938. Ganapathi’s birth place was Madras, India. And most of his education

Why is Diamond the hardest substance on Earth?

Diamond is a Greek word which means unbreakable. It is known as the hardest mineral on earth. It cannot be broken or cut in any easy forms. It is only possible by using another diamond. Did you know that diamond is made up of carbon? Have you ever wondered why only this particular form of carbon is hard and why not the other forms? Why is charcoal, which is made up of carbon, so different from diamond? Why do they have this physical differences? Well, it is the structural arrangement of carbon in diamond that makes it different from other

Ancient Indian background of Magnets and its properties

Shloka:            Bhramakamcumbakamcaivakarsakam Dravakamtatha | Evamcaturvidhamkantamromakantam ca Pancamam | Ekadvitricatuhpancasarvatomukhameva tat | Pitamkrsnamtatharaktamtrivarnamsyat Prthakprthak |   Meaning: Magnets are of 5 varities – Bhramakam, Chumbakam, Karshakam, Dravakam and Romakantam. They again are single faced, double faced, three faced, four faced, five faced and multi faced. Each is again in three colours – yellow, black and red. Source: Rasarnavam, Patalah 6, Adhyayah 40, Slokah 21 (12th century AD) Ancient theory It was in the eighteenth century that magnets and its principle was better understood by the world. Our Ancient Indians used magnets extensively in many fields. They divided magnets into five categories namely

Why Is 37°C/ 98.6°F Our Normal Body Temperature?

Ever thought of why our normal body temperature is defined as 37°C (98.6°F). What is so magical about 37? Why cannot it be more or less than that? Well, there is a scientific reason behind it. This 37°C (98.6°F)body temperature is defined only for Human body or rather for mammals and not for all living beings. Body temperature varies for other species accordingly. Apparently 37°C(98.6°F) is perfect body temperature to prevent fungal infections. And our body mechanisms are so well defined that, when temperature goes above 37°C then our cells expand and we tend to sweat in order to balance

Meghnad Saha TheGreat Indian Brain behind Formulation Of Thermo-Ionization Equation

Astrophysics is a branch of science that deals with space and astronomical phenomenon. It deals with laws of science to explain about birth and death of various celestial bodies and the Universe. In the earlier times, astrophysics was not that popular. But there was one person who gave a new turn to the branch of astrophysics and it reached to a more advanced level. MeghnadSaha, a scientist of substance, was one great person who added a big theory in the field of astrophysics. The science behind how stars were made remained a big question.Saha was one of those eminent personalities

10 Scientists Who Sacrificed Their Life For Science

It is not an easy task to invent and discover something new. Atleast in the recent days we have all the support of books, internet and other sources to support the researchers to study well. But those were the days when there was no such external aid and support. They had to practically try out all the possibilities in their experiments. This process of research involves lot of struggle and hard work. Here are the list of great scientists who even lost their lives during their research. Marie Curie Marie Curie has been rewarded for her immense work in discovering

The Secret behind CERN installing Shiva’s Tandava Statue

Lord Shiva has been symbolized as an embodiment of energy. His powerful dance is an example for the immense energy and power he possessed. Shiva’s dance was so powerful and robust that he was called as ‘Nataraja’, which means the King of Dance. If you think this is a simple dance, think again, because there is a lot of physics behind Shiva’s cosmic dance. CERN, which is a European Organisation for Nuclear Research, has recently unveiled a huge Nataraja statue- a symbolic representation of Lord Shiva performing his powerful cosmic dance. Well, you might be wondering how a Hindu God

What is the Science behind Touch Screens?

The present emerging technologies in the world of electronics never fails to astonish me. It is a boon for the new generations that they get a closer prospect with the new trends of electronics. Have you ever wondered how the mobile structures have been evolving ever since its invention? The touch screen technology has been the most impactful advancement in the electronic world, specifically mobiles. I am sure most of you would not be knowing about the science involved in the trending touch screen technology. Let’s explore more about this technology. Touch screen is an input device so it should be combined

The Indian Father Of God Particle Satyendra Nath Bose

India is a country which is filled with smart and brilliant brains. There are many legendary figures who have never failed in making the nation proud. All the fields of science, art, literature, sports etc has Indian influence. There are Indians who have contributed a lot to the world of science. The world of physics was also influenced by Indian scientist Satyendra Nath Bose was one such eminent figure who added onto the pride of nation by making certain discoveries in the field of quantum physics. An outstanding physicist with a very sharp mind was born on 1st January, 1894.