Why Are Eggs – Egg Shaped?

If you are curious to know the nature and its elements am sure you would have definitely got this doubt. Because chicken egg is something which is used regularly in most of the houses. Have you ever wondered why those eggs are oval and not spherical in shape? This is specifically about the chicken egg because the eggs of reptiles and other species have round eggs. The chicken egg is kind of elliptical having tapered ends. One end is bigger than the other end. There is a scientific reason behind this. If suppose eggs were round in shape there are

Finally Juno Meets Jupiter

Hurray! Juno finally completed its journey from Earth and reached the largest planet Jupiter after five long years. American Independence Day gets an additional celebration of Juno reaching the Jupiter orbit. NASA is proud of launching the first space craft to Jupiter where no other space crafts have reached. Why is it named as Juno? According to Roman Mythology Juno is wife of Jupiter and was known as queen of heaven. There is myth that Jupiter used to hide himself behind the clouds, but his wife Juno was able to see him even through those clouds. Just as similar to

Panchabhutas- 5 elements of life with reference to Vedic Text and Illuminati

Shloka:       Tasmadva etasmadatmana akash sambhutah |                         Akasadvayuh | Vayoragnih | Agnerapah |                         Adbhyah prithvi | Prithivya osadhayah |                         Osadhibhyosnam |Annat purusah || Meaning: From that atman (Supreme soul) space came into being from space wind, from wind fire, from fire water, from water earth, from earth plants, from plants food, from food man came into being. Source: Yajur-vedah, Taittiriyopanisad,vBrahmananda – valli, Anuvakah 1 (Vedic period) Nature is made up of 5 major elements known as Panchabutas. These five elements are supposed to be the parent elements and all the other elements are inherited from these

5 Absurd Inventions That Could Have Changed The World

Scientists and their inventions are endless. We commoners are just aware of the published inventions. Don’t you think there are many things that world is left unaware of? Yes, there are many such inventions and scientists that did not bag the limelight and their contribution remained as regardless effort. There are 5 such lost inventions which could have accounted for a huge change in the world. Those tremendous inventions are :- STARLITE Starlite was invented by Maurice Ward an amateur scientist in the year 1980’s. This material was said to be so strong that it could even withstand a nuclear

Graphene The Booming Form Of Carbon

“Graphene” is the happening topic now a days. Everybody is talking about it. Well, I know you could take a wild guess on what a graphene might be. Yes, you are right. Graphene is definitely related to graphite. Graphene is the finest particles of graphite. Hence its name is nothing but Graphite with a suffix – ene. The general known allotropic forms of carbon are diamond, graphite, Charcoal and amorphous carbon. But it was in the recent times that Graphene an allotrope of carbon was discovered. It was isolated by Prof Andre Gelm and Prof Kostya Novoselov researchers from The

Why Doesn’t Water Burn?

Imagine the Earth where there would be no water! Rivers dried up, no blue oceans across the globe, no rainfall and no fresh water, no presence of water anywhere. This thought itself sends chills down the spine! Water is one of the most important needs for survival. It is the source of livelihood. Water has end number of uses in our day to day life. Be it cooking, bathing, washing, gardening or any other domestic purposes, water is needed for everything. The whole world requires water not only for domestic but also for commercial and industrial purposes. Fire and water

Why Do We Perform Agnihotra?

Shloka: Agnihotra eva tat sayam pratarvarvajram Yajamano bharatrvyaya praharti | Bhavatyatmana parasya bhratrvyo bhavati | Meaning: The one who practices Agnihotra in the morning and evening becomes strong like thunderbolt/ diamond. Destroys enemies by himself (unassassinated). His enemies remain conquered. Shloka: Yavadahoratre bhavatah | Tavadasya lokasya nartih naristih | Nanto na paryantosti | Meaning: As long as he does Agnihotra in the day and in the night, in this world for him there would no pain or misfortune. There will be no end to him. An Agnihotra practitioner will have a long life. Source: Taittirya-brahmanam, Astakam 2, Anuvakah 5, 11

How Do Power Banks Work?

Have you ever wondered how life existed without electricity? Don’t you think its way beyond our imagination? Life without electricity would be ridiculous. How would the present lifestyle exist without TV, fridge, mobiles, laptops and computers which are highly dependent on electricity? Wired chargers are the intermediate between the electricity and your gadgets. Carrying these bulky chargers are no less than a burden. The greatest challenge would be finding a socket with proper electric power. What will you do with the charger when there is no electricity? It is just like a life without soul. Sounds too chaotic right? Have

Nitrogen- Imperative Part of Our DNA

Nitrogen is popularly known as most abundantly available element in earth atmosphere. Earth is large reservoir of nitrogen. It covers around up to 78% of total elements in the earth. The nitrogen available in the earth surface cannot be directly used, but it has to be converted to different forms. Nitrogen cycle is one of the most important protein cycle for the existence of different forms of life. The DNA and RNA are made up of nitrogen. So inevitably this element is very necessary for the growth of life. So there is a chain of procedures involved in the formation

How Does The Surface Of The Sun Look Like

A saffron colored ball high up on the sky catching the attention of everyone, soothing the eye and giving peace to the mind. The saffron ball is nothing but the sun. Sunset and sunrise are the most beautiful views which the nature has gifted to the lives on planet Earth. No one can deny the fact that the beauty of nature is mesmerising and the sun adds on to the charm of nature.it is worth admiring! Ever since the Earth was born, the people are seeing the sun. In fact, the sun is there in the Universe long before the