The Boomerang Nebula, The Coldest Object In The Universe?

Our universe is no less than a surprise to us. There is always something or the other in our Universe to amaze you. Every time I get to encounter new things associated with our universe it has always left me awestruck. One such fascinating things are Boomerang Nebula. Yes Boomerang nebula is no less than awesome part of our universe. Boomerang Nebula is the coldest object present in our universe. Basically it is a star or planetary nebula which is about 5,000 light years away from earth. The temperature in Boomerang nebula is -272 to 457 degree Celsius. It is

Science Of Pi (π)

There is a common misconception among people that Pi is just a quirky concept that is interesting only for scientist and mathematician. This taught arose as we commonly see usage of Pi in geometry, trigonometry, complex numbers and many other concepts. Reality is that there is lot of science involved behind the making of Pi. And March 14th is celebrated as Pi day all over the world because the value of Pi is 3.1415. As decoded from the value 14 march was declared as world Pi day. And with extension of the value 3.1415 the 2015 Pi day was considered

Age of Bramha

Shloka: Kasthah pancadasakhyata nimesa munisattama | Kasthastrimsat kala tastu trimsanmauhurtiko vidhih || Tavatsankhyairahoratram muhutairmanusam smrtam | Ahorstrani tavanti masah paksadvayatmakah || Taih sadbhirayanam varsam dvayesyane daksinottare | Divyairvarsasahasraistu krtatretadisamjnitam || Caturyugam dvadasabjistadvibhagam nibodha me | Divyabdanam sahasrani yugesvahu puravidah || Krtam treat dvaparam ca kaliscaiva caturyugam | Procyate tat sahasranca brahmano divas am mune || 15 twinkles of eye = 1 kashta 30 Kashta = 1 Kala 30 Kalas = 1 muhurtha 30 muhurthas = 1 day and night 30 day and nights = 1 month 6 months = 1 ayana 2 ayanas = 1 year 12,000 divine years =

Untold Story Of The Dark Lady Of DNA- Rosalind Franklin

Many discoveries and scientists remain unnoticed by the world. Rosalind Franklin is one of those scientists that did not get right credits for her work. Well, even before knowing more about her work let us rewind and unfold her life story. Rosalind Franklin was born on July 25th 1920 in London. Her family was much involved in both social and public works. Franklin’s father also aimed at becoming a scientist but unfortunately he could not continue his studies and ended up being a teacher in working men’s college. At the age of 15 only Rosalind Franklin decide that she would

10 Spectacular Facts About Moon You Dint Know

Thousands of kilometres away from the Earth, the Moon is one celestial body which is very close to us. It is indeed one of the most beautiful things which surround the Earth. The white bright ball in the dark sky is very mesmerizing. We all love to see the Moon. But do we all know what exactly the Moon looks like from near? How was the Moon formed? Is the Moon solid or is the surface of the Moon is in molten form? What is there inside the Moon? Is the gravitational force present even on Moon? There are lot

What Is So Super About Superconductors?

Superconductors just came into word as a boon. It left many commoners awestruck! It was just like a miracle. Such fascinating contraption it was. It was a new boom in the industrial revolution. Present day technology has never failed to amaze us. From the smallest of mobiles to the trains on an electric rails. Superconductors just created a buzz in the world. Let us know more about what superconductor is? How it works? Where is it used? What are superconductors? The very first thing that comes to mind when I hear about superconductor is, my elementary school physics lesson. The

9 Misleading Facts You Were Made to Believe About Inventors And Their Inventions

As we hear the word inventions and scientists there a set of people who instantly strike our mind. Scientists like Einstein, Edison, Newton, Wright brothers and many others are quite often remembered. And this is how we have been thought from childhood too. But the reality is, it’s just not one person’s effort, instead it requires a lot of combined efforts of many people working together. It is always the last person who publishes gets the credit. This has happened with many of the famous inventions also. Here are some of the most famous inventions for which the right person

The Miraculous Hanging Pillar of Lepakshi Temple

Ancient monuments speak a lot about the knowledge possessed by people of those days. They were able to think, question, reason out and analyse their surroundings without any help. Those were the days when Google too dint exist for their help. It was a period of innovation, creativity and scientific intellect. They created wonders either accidentally or intentionally. One of such creations are the miraculous hanging pillar of lepakshi. Leepakshi temple situated in Andhra Pradesh India was constructed in the year 1583 by two brothers Veeranna and Virupanna. There is Ramayana story associated with the temple that says that Jatayu the

7 Futuristic Materials You Never Knew Existed

We are living in a generation of technological advancements. From smart phones, robotics to intelligent machines. It is marked as booming era. All these advancements have made us feel like we have arrived to future few years earlier than it should have been. Here are some examples of  futuristic materials that will give a new turn to present day technology. 1. Aerogel Aerogel was produced like decades ago but improvements on their properties were made in the recent times. Aerogel material contains 98.2 % air and contain extract of gel keeping intact its solid part. It is not made of

How Was The Earth Formed?

Ever wondered how big the Universe could be? The universe is beyond our imagination! So big that we can’t even think of it. Earth is the only planet in Solar system that supports life. Our planet Earth is like a very small star in a very big sky. No other planet has the favourable environment which would help in the survival of living beings. In this big Universe, there might be some planet somewhere already existing or being evolved which would have the living conditions for existence of life. As far as the knowledge of human mind, till date, earth