5 Steps to Enhance Creativity in Children

Creativity! Aren’t children creative? Has anybody witnessed a non-creative child? I am sure not. Children are born creative. Most of the child’s energy goes to fuel his brain. The question is why we need to enhance the creativity of the child? If they are already so creative then why bother about it? Well, that is because creativity is like a muscle. It can be stretched, challenged, or enhanced. It works on “use it or lose it” basis. Life experiences of a child can either enhance or diminish creativity. A child is born with several creative abilities. They need to be

6 steps to introduce your children to the healthy habit of Reading

Reading books to children enriches their creativity. It opens the doors of imagination and visualization of what is being read. The brain is offered rich stimulation and thus enhances the creative thinking of a child. Books are friends for life. The best friend you can introduce to your child are books which are full of Language, vocabulary, knowledge, values, stories, Skills, etc. It’s common advice given by many around you, to introduce reading books to your child. But every parent knows how tough it is to make children read!                                                                                                                                                   (Source: Getty Images)   The most common challenges parents face

5 ways to create everlasting childhood experiences for your children

“Spend enough quality time with your kid”. How many times have we not heard of this advice from parenting experts? Yet again, how exactly and why such a thing is important is hardly discussed. In a competition-driven world, we already want our child to know and learn way too much. But how much of that is done consciously? How much of that is done merely to “meet some formalities”? The answer to these questions can help us exercise conscious parenting. But first, a quick dip into the biology of the brain. The human brain is made up of  billions of

Prime Minister of India’s clarion call to embrace science

PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA’S CLARION CALL TO EMBRACE SCIENCE                                                                  (Source: narendramodi.in/mannkibaat) On 28th February 2018, India celebrated National Science Day, a day on which the much revered, Sir C V Raman, discovered the Raman Effect in 1928, for which he was awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930. Wishing the whole nation on this occasion in his monthly address through ‘Mann ki Baat’, Prime Minister Narendra

Sci-Fi Creative Writing Competition 2018 Results

Over 200 young children participated in Sci-Fi Contest. Congratulations to all! This year’s theme invited children to reflect on the topic. Junior Category- “Imagine if you got a super power and how will you use it to help the society” Senior Category- “If you were to invent something; what would have you like to invent? What would you named it? Also how is it going to help the Mankind?” Super Senior Category- “As we all know that we have 5 sense organs in the human body. Imagine you have got a 6th Sense Organ!! What would it be? What will it help us in? Judges were impressed by the


This story is all about Mr. White’s daughter, Sandra White, who was unable to see her father as he died at war when Sandra was just at a young age. Sandra grows up happily even without a father. The story continues when Sandra is at the last day of college and has unknowingly got a special power. The last day of college for the 7 th years didn’t make a difference for the teachers to continue teaching. After the 2 nd hour, in recess, Sandra felt very hot insde. She felt as if some power was pumping up in her

A Whiff of Pure Air By Pranay Mathur

‘To invent is to provide the world a new means to enrich their lives’. This is a quote unheard of by anyone. This is because we prefer to stick to the old quote ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ and do not try to delve into the hitherto unexplored world of invention-related quotes. Oh well, or maybe this is because I just made this quote and that is why you would have never heard of it. But that’s beside the point. The point is, what will I invent? A quote? Nah. Oh, I know! If I were to invent something,

Why do we have different blood types?

As a kid when I felt down, my mother used to say “Cheer up kid, after all, you are a B +ve. And I used to think that all the positive people in the world had B+ve blood group and all the pessimists had B –ve. I stuck on to that idea for quite a while before realizing how silly it was. Later in my science classes, I learned the types of the proteins and sugars, inherited from our parents, which determine our blood group. These sugars found (or expressed) on the surface of red blood cells define blood types

Does Jupiter protect Earth?

Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system and because of that its gravitational pull is also very high. Because of its high gravitational force, Jupiter has done many favors to our planet. It helps to keep asteroids away from bombarding to Earth, and protects our planet. One French scientist called Pierre-Simon Laplace found that a comet which was heading towards earth’s surface got into Jupiter’s gravitational field and got expelled from earth’s direction. Like this Jupiter act as a protector of our planet and our lives. Jupiter is the fifth planet, if we consider the distance from Sun.

Why do the rainbow colors appear in that order?

Sunlight is consisting of multiple wavelengths of light. It includes wavelengths of light which is not visible to us, such as infrared and ultraviolet light, as well as the visible spectrum. Reflection, refraction and dispersion of sunlight inside water droplets in the atmosphere, causes the formation of rainbow which appears as a spectrum of light in the sky. Rainbow appears as a circular arc with various colors and it always seen in the section of sky which is directly opposite the sun. A rainbow is not a physical object and it cannot be approached. It does not exist at one