Stem Cell Therapy – A new way to rebuild a damaged Heart?

Stem cell therapy has been an inspiring alternative to retract functionalities of heart after myocardial infarctions. What are Stem cells? Stem Cell is an identical cell of a multicellular organism which is capable of giving rise to many more cells of the same kind. An adult stem cell can be extracted from bone marrow, liver, root of teeth, umbilical cord, heart, gut and other tissues and organs. These stem cells are extracted depending on the requirements. The isolated stem cells are then grown into a large number and further used for treatments. For cardiac repair, doctors use stem cells derived

Cognitive Chips mimic the Human Brain

From simple calculators to the most complex chips that you can think, computing has seen an amazing inclination over the last few decades. IBM’s recent research explained how fast these brain like chips can learn. These neurosynaptic chips help in building more efficient cybernetic devices especially for machines working on artificial intelligence. This revolutionary technology is human brain inspired. The recent neurosynaptic chip developed by IBM has a unique architecture powered by an unparalleled 1 million neurons, 250 million synapses and 5.4 billion transistors. Even with this huge network of transistors, it consumes only 70mW in real time operation.

Did You Know that Batteries can be Flexible too?

To power wearable devices, the invention of flexible wearable battery was a primary necessity. For such devices, researchers came up with an innovative pliable Lithium ion battery. Various companies are continuously researching on developing this new battery with an idea of developing a flexible smart phones, in the future. The normal Lithium ion batteries degrade when deformed, so the main challenge with designing this battery is to make sure that the battery holds the charge even with deformation. Pliable Lithium ion battery has a unique outer body design which ensures that the internal structure of the body is sustained even

Storage of data in Diamonds!

Diamond is popular for its jewelry. But did you know that diamond can be used to store huge data? Yes, you heard that right! Researchers have recently declared that diamonds can be used to store huge data for a long term. How is it possible? It is the defect in the diamond that makes it possible to store data in it. Scientists search for the defects in diamonds and use these defects in quantum computers. Just as microscopic pits in CD’s and DVD’s aid in encoding bits of data. These defects and imperfections are called as Nitrogen vacancy centres. We all

Nano-porous Plastic based fabric: Your personal Air-Conditioner!

Yes, plastic can be used as a textile. Wondering how this could even be possible? We all know that sweating is the natural way of cooling our body when the body heat increases. This new plastic based textile is a low cost tech and allows body to release heat in a different way. Like any other textile, this new material perspires to evaporate. But, this material imbibes a unique air conditioning that lowers output than usual and ensures that the wearer stays cool. This special textile is made up of nanoporous polyethylene (nanoPE) which is opaque to visible light and

These recent Incredible Technological advancements can enrich our future!

Science and Technology has no bounds, the advancements in science and technology change every day. There are some really crazy innovations that will leave you awestruck! Here are some of the recent advancements that you would have never imagined of. Plastic – based textile for cooling our body heat Reference: Science Journal A group of researchers have come up with a new textile made out of plastic. It is a great way to reduce the need for expensive and high energy consuming air conditioning. We all know that sweating is the natural way of cooling our body when the body

Nine House-plants you can grow to clean the air!

What might your apartment/office have in common with a NASA spaceship? Unfortunately, poor air quality!             NASA’s answer: Air-Filtering Houseplants In recent times, these are some of the alarming headlines with regards to air pollution: “Air pollution affects mental health in children”, “Air pollution may worsen rheumatic diseases in children”,”Exposure to air pollution may increase obesity, diabetes risk”, “Air pollution 5th largest killer in India”. As a parent if you think that your child is safe indoors then think again. Furnishings, upholstery, synthetic building materials, and cleaning products in homes and offices can emit a variety of toxic compounds

Manvantara: Ancient Theory Of Formation Of Solar System

Manvantara is a Sanskrit word in which ‘Manu’ means ‘Progenitor of mankind’ and ‘Antara’ means ‘distance’. Literally Manvantara means the total duration of mankind or life span of man. So, it means that each Manvantara is ruled by Manu created by Brahma. It is said that Manu creates the world and other species in the given ‘Antara’ or duration. ‘Kalpa’ is referred to a day of Brahma, takes 14 Manvantaras to create one Kalpa according to the Vedic science. And after every kalpa there is dissolution or ‘pralaya’ wherein all the life comes to state of rest. This period is

10 Scholarship Exams Every School Going Student Should Know About

There is no better insurance in the world than a good education. Scholarships and awards are a great monetary support and excellent confidence booster for students. Prestigious awards won in the school days will offer social recognition and they stand out when applied for colleges or jobs. Here are some of such Prestigious scholarship exams that you should never miss out! SEATS – Scheme for Early Attraction of Talent (SEATS) SEATS is a national level scholarship exam organised by Department of Science and Technology under the name of INSPIRE (Innovation in Science and Pursuit for Inspires Research). ELIGIBLITY Open for

Subramanyan Chandrasekhar’s Deeper Insight Of Our Universe

The Universe is so huge and large that it’s beyond our imagination. There are various stars, planets, asteroids, meteors, galaxies, etc. Astrophysics is a branch of science which deals with the study of the universe and the astronomical phenomenon. The celestial bodies has always been a matter of keen interest for the astrophysicist and other scientists. Stars, the uncountable shining spots in the black sky up above us have never failed in attracting the attention of people. Back from the olden times, research is going on over how these stars were made, how stars die, what is their composition, etc.