Mysteries of Shinning Luna

GYANPRO_Moon-Our natural sattelite

Shloka: Ayangauh prsnirakramidasadanmataram purah I Pitaranca prayantsvah I
Meaning: The moon being, a satellite of the earth, revolves around its mother planet and follows it in its revolution and self-luminous father planet( the Sun)

Source- Rig Vedah, Mandalam 10, Suktam 189, Mantrah 1 (6000BCE)

Shloka: Chandramā manaso jātaścakṣoḥ sūryo ajāyata |

Meaning: The moon (Chandra) is born from his mind and surya (Sun) from his eyes.
Source: Rig Vedha

Chandra is a Sanskrit term and its popularly call it Moon. It means Illustrious. In vedic astrology the complete moon is considered to be benefic and dark moon is considered to be malefic. From the above shloka it’s noticed that the Chandra (Moon) was born from the Manas (Heart) of Purusha (Cosmic Man).
Chandra was described as Soma and is referred as Juice of Sap and thus moon the lord vegetation and plants.
The dark spot on the moon was also seen and noted by our ancient ancestors.

Modern Age: A satellite is a celestial body that orbits another body. Moon is a natural satellite. The moon was allegedly formed approximately 4.5 billion years ago not more than earth’s formation. The hypothesis says that the moon was formed with the great impact between earth and other mars like planet; this is the widely accepted hypothesis. The moon lacks atmosphere, due to which the sky would always appear dark, even during daytime.
The moon takes around 27 days 8 hours to revolve around the Earth. The moon’s orbit is expanding over time. Actually a billion years ago the Moon was much closer to earth and the moon took only 20 days to rotate the Earth, and because of this the tides on the earth was much higher.
The moon’s gravitational force is only 17% of the Earth’s gravity. A 45 kg person on earth would weigh 7.6kg on the Moon. The moon was first visited by USSR’s it was called LUNA 1 and LUNA 2 in 1959, this was an unmanned visit. The first manned visit was in 1969, Lunar Roving Vehicle was used to travel to the surface and 12 astronauts walked the moon.
The moon was called as moon because people did not know other moons existed for other planet till the telescope was introduced.

It was considered as planet till 1543 until Copernicus introduced Heliocentrism.
Did You Know -Purusha Hymn of the Rig Veda says that mind is born of the moon.
It was proved by the researchers who isolated themselves and stayed in the underground cave for months without any indications of time. It was found that the natural cycle for the mind is 24 hours and 50 minutes.The lunar day is also 24 hours and 50 minutes.

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