One day , waking up to hear not my mom screaming at me but to see all the beautiful EYE STUNNING STARS would be an astounding adventure which everybody would love to have. So, if it would ever happen to me I would first go around seeing the galaxies especially the M18 galaxy which will stun me for a minute by admiring the beauty of it. Then I would head back to our galaxy The Milky Way Galaxy and head towards our solar system. Then I would sit on the stones of the Saturn rings and spin around for a while. Then I would take fine dust from the rings and put it in my pockets so it would be cool to experiment with it. Then I would go near the Earth and go near an artificial satellite and show myself in the camera of the satellite so that my mom will, by any chance know that I am still alive and kicking. Then I would leave my solar system and go to another to see if there is any advanced life like ours. If it would be there I would go and have a closer look to see if they also suffer from pollution and will see the amount of water. As my chemistry teacher always says that no liquid can replace the qualities of water I would go from planet to planet Solar system to Solar System finding a way to replace water. Then I would go back to Jupiter the most fascinating planet and my favorite too. I would see it from distance and see it rotating so fast and see the Great Red Spot also. Then I would sit in Space and observe the most beautiful sight in life according to me is the Southern Lights of the Jupiter and its Aurorae. Then I would head in one direction away from all the galaxies to the end of life if there is any. I believe that there are many universes like galaxies, so I would go out of our Universe to another and get a glance at the galaxies and return fast with horrible thought that what would happen if I get lost in space in some other universe. Then I would go and collect lot of star dust and just play with it.Then I would go near our black hole to observe how it munches and gobbles up all the space matter. Then I would take a stone half the size of me and push it with all my mighty force towards the atmosphere of our earth to see what would happen. Likely I suppose it would just vanish to dust. I believe Black holes are just like wormholes or tunnels. To just try it out and if I have the power of immortality in this awesome adventure, I would try enter a black hole. Maybe I would observe myself turn into 4 dimensional to see my back without turning my head and see myself turning to the thinnest size of spaghetti and would move towards the center of the black hole like a squirming worm. I would like to say that it would be very cool to feel all my bones, blood and all my organs crushed a reduced into the size of my hair. After entering it maybe I would not be able to see what all the black hole has eaten but of course I would be able to feel it I would move in one direction to come out of a white hole to see another big bang. Of course now I realize that there is no turning back now so again I would move only in one direction after observing the newly born galaxies and leave the newly born universe. By sheer luck or through magical powers of my mind I would guess and enter my universe and enter into the Milky Way again and to my Solar system. Then I would break dance for a minute to enjoy the success of me returning and not getting lost in space. I would go near Neptune an enter it and observe keenly because I had recently heard that researchers at in certain laboratory melted diamond to liquid carbon and found that when they raise the temperature and pressure at certain values, solid diamonds appeared floating on the liquid. Apparently the core of the Neptune seems to have the closest almost same conditions so if it is like that , there would be a whole ocean of diamonds. So I would go near it and if it existed collect as many a diamond I can fit in my astronaut clothes so that while returning to earth I can do a rain of diamond which would be awesome to the core. It would be cool to make this a daily habit to collect diamond a do a shower with it though it is not practically possible. So after swimming in the pool of diamonds. Then I would make my way towards Venus and enter its atmosphere and hover about 50 km from the surface to see if there is any life as research says that there is a speck of possibility for life to exist in the upper cloud layer about 50 km from the surface as the temperature there is suitable for life. Then I would go in search of the Dark Eye galaxy also known as the Evil eye galaxy which also will stun any human eye to see. There I see the dark band type things in the galaxy with a shining bright and cool Centre. I can even see than there are many bright stars in the band type thing which is cool to see. Then I go near the messier 105 to see huge dots of bright stars with a bright orangish center which is supposed to be the supermassive black hole. Then I also observe the cool clusters of stars which are best seen in this galaxy. Then after coming back to Milky Way I went to many constellations and move from the first star or the starting star of the constellation to the ending star of the constellation moving from star to star in the shape of the constellation. Then I remember that I can’t live here forever even though I would love to and I had one heck of an adventure. So with my home in mind I crash into the earth’s atmosphere with top speed. Luckily with my temporary immortality powers I come down to earth and with sheer luck I reach my home without my mom acknowledging it and I sleep in my bed quietly thinking about this adventure and remembering to store it somewhere so that I can enjoy reading it afterwards so this is likely the same document in which I have recorded my adventure. OH! NOW I REMEMBER I HAVE DIAMONDS IN MY POCKET TO KEEP IT SOMEWHERE!

Author’s Details
Name – Niranjan J Ithal.
Class – 8th
School – Poornaprajna Education Center, Bangalore.


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