Subhasri S

I suddenly felt myself sweat as I woke up; the whole spaceship was heating up considerably. That had never been for good. My intergalactic space shuttle is modeled to mimic the conditions externally to give the inmates an idea of the planet they were nearing. I had slept through most of the transit. Doctor leery had warned me about the dangers of intergalactic travel. I had been travelling in low-mass, customized craft that has sate of art technology used for tunneling in space-time. I had stared at alpha century where we saw a star at the other end of the universe. Most of the transit was a medley of a images, my organic eyesight could not process. We, organic eyesight could not process. We, orgonians are searching for an alternative planet to live in as our planet has an unstable core which means we can live on there for only a maximum of 10yrs. Now, I see my craft directly headed for the star in question, ending solar fumes and undergoing nuclear fission regressively, my directional technology tells me we are on a collision course. I changed direction as I had past 2 planets, stark and long dead, too hot for us to survive in, the indicator says. And then, I see the third one- this looks a bit different. My remote sensor tells me this might be worth exploring. But I see a movement on the side. A noon and some artificial technology. This seems familiar. Argonian crafts are 20 times smaller than these, my report sys as I embark on a course towards the ground, flying past the atmosphere. I realize the ground is damp and most of it is water filled, throughout the planet, but I can see some sense of life existed. This was someone’s home. I figure as I go out to report my findings to our space-exploration. I cross past to explore the other planet, past a red shape of mass. I see a huge planet nearby and past that another with rings. I stand mesmerized by this sight when I eye a huge mass moving towards me at an insane pace. Even with my Argonian shuttle, moving past this with a time wrap would be futile. And maybe, we should have used our planet better I feel as I embrace myself for the inevitable, transferring this as a part of my space log over communications.
Hence ends the adventures of Artemis the Bold, the Wily Brown nosed Argonian that discovered earth.

Name: S Subhasri
Class: VIII

School: Sindhi High School

K.K Road


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