It was the cold chilling winter morning, when I was just to wakeup but suddenly something happened and everything I can see was of deep black colour . My room was all black, and I started my space adventure right there. I had a robot toy, which was my space tour guide in my dream that time .We both can see many beautiful scenes out in the space, I can see my planet earth, I can see the big sun, various galaxies and can see everything shiny and beautiful out there. My robot’s name was Goldy. He guided me to my whole beautiful and giant experience. As in the space we can’t hear each other’s voice, Goldy gave me a gadget so that we can read each other’s mind. I can see the whole solar system I wanted to say hello to mom from the space , but that was not possible. Then I said Goldy in mind that, the sun appears to be the king of the solar system! Goldy replied that, the sun is the superstar of the solar system and the solar system actually means ‘system of the sun’.’Wow amazing’, I said , I can see every planet .We both played on the rings of Saturn,we slided over the small rings of Uranus and digged out diamonds from Uranus I packed it in my bag so that I can gift it to my momy.The high speed winds of Neptune were so furious,we were almost chilling out there,but it was fun.We were dancing in the winds. I was so amazed to see that high speed winds. Then we moved to mars, and because very low gravity there we can jump so high…we felt like superman there, we both hopped , leaped and skipped on the surface of mars.The sky of the mars was of pale pink colour, beige and light orange colour .The sky looked just like an colourful iccream .Then we moved to Jupiter, and I was surprised to see that Jupiter can talk to me with the help of Goldy’s gadget. Jupiter said , ‘hello’, and i said, Hi , what’s your name? he replied, ’Mr.BIG!.Hi Mr,BIG how big are you? He replied , ‘ I am 300 times heavier than earth twice as heavy as the other planets added together. Mr.BIG also told that he is also known as gas giant and 3 more planets: Uranus , Neptune and Saturn and they are together called the Jovian planet. Then we moved forward to explore our milky way galaxy more.
Now what we can see was the whole big” Family of Moons”. It all was so very big and beautiful. I loved to see that, and wanted to know about them , so I asked Goldy to introduce me with some moons. We can see a monster moon which was, Ganymede , he told it was the biggest in the solar system. Another was the moon with lots of craters, named as Callisto ,we jumped into the craters played in it, Goldy told that it was heavily cratered because if being slammed by meteoroids. I could see a pig pizza floating in my front ,I ran forward to see that ,and goldy told me that it is not your extra large pizza, it is a moon ,called Lo. It has bubbles with active volcanos and fresh lava was moon similar to mercury but larger than mercury .It is Saturn’s Titan,and is the only moon which has atmosphere. There were many more but these were some iconic ones. Then Goldy told me that , there are many more things to explore in the universe except the planets ,stars and moons. I asked him , ‘like what?’. He replied and showed me some smaller bodies than the planets , known as the minor planets or asteroids. He also showed me the meteors or the shooting stars and the comets.
And suddenly a question arose in my mind,’ How was universe formed?’ goldy replied the that scientists refer to the Big Bang Theory, and also told that the universe is expanding continuously. And suddenly I hear a sound,” hello can you hear me?” and it was a big red giant star, who was also having the gadget, that’s why I could talk to him. Hello , what is your name? , I asked him. I am BIG RED, all the stars call me this. How many stars are you talking about? I asked him. He asked, in which galaxy?. In the milky way galaxy ,I said. There are 200 billion stars alone in the milky way galaxy and there are billion more stars in millions of other galaxies out there.I asked him,’ are all the stars like you red? Red and big?Big red replied, ’nope, all are not like me. Every star is different . Big red said ,’If I could take you on a star-studded tour , you ‘d understand where I’m coming from-and where I’m headed. I was ready for the tour, so we headed forwards. BIG RED said, we can’t,because the star closest to the earth is the sun ,is 93 million miles away. And you’d never make it because you’d burn up. Rather than a tour,BIG RED explained me about the path of the sun. He told me that ,for the age of 10 billion years,it is in its main phase. And after the sun’s hydrogen runs out gravity causes its core to shrink and get hotter, just like me the sun will become a red giant. A few thousand years ago , it will form a planetary nebula and slowly fades away and becomes a white dwarf.
Now we headed out to explore the different galaxies, and the first galaxy which we saw was shining like jewels in the night sky,it was the Pleiades star cluster. Another which we could see was looking like a spiral galaxy bulgesnin the middle like a sombrero , or a Mexican hat .It was the sombrero galaxy.
Next what we did was playing upon some asteroids, clicking selfies , jumping and hopping all over. We were enjoying time so very much and gaining more and more knowledge out there, but suddenly someone started shaking me up, and it was my youger sister waking me for the school. I was like, ‘what?, that was dream?, and I realized that it was my beautiful dream which I never wanted end, because I wanted you explore more in the universe, I looked at my toy on the shelf and smiled and was back to my daily life. This was so very ,much fun adventure, I wish that you all must ever get this chance.

Name : Simran Singh
Class : 9th Std
School: St. xavier’s high school
Hingna branch, Nagpur.


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