Galaxy! When I hear this word my mind runs fast and imagines how will the place be and I become more curious to visit galaxy and to spend some special time over there.
On Christmas eve , my friend had organized night party, I went there and had lot of enjoyment. After coming home I went to bed very soon as I was very tired and exhausted.
When I woke up, I suddenly realized that I was not there in my room. It was entirely dark and the stars up in the sky were twinkling bright. I was astonished. After some time, I realized that something strange happened and bought me to such a strange place ”galaxy”. I was in my night-dress only but the only difference was my room had transformed into galaxy. I felt very lonely as there was no one except me. I went hither and thither but I could see none of them.
There the only light which came was from the twinkling stars. Then after a while, a huge comet passed above me. There I saw number of flying aliens coming from UFO’s. I was little scared, but was amazed to see those creatures. They smiled at me and said “hello!” I was totally stunned for a while. I too said “Hello”! in my cracking voice as I was quite afraid.
Those creatures were very different. Some had one eye, long tails, different body colors, large wings and long horns. They were very friendly. They gave me large wings and I attached it to my body. I was very glad that I could fly with them above in the galaxy. I spent some special time with them. They narrated their stories, I too enumerated stories taking place on our mother “Earth”. They bid a goodbye and they offered me many magical powers.
When they left I was alone. I thought of flying, but I had no companion with me. There was a huge white place which looked like whirlpool. I thought of going but its outward look scared me a lot. I jumped here and there, sang to myself, danced and did all naughty things.
There was one ring lying which shone brightly. I took it and wore it on my ring finger. I consisted of blue sapphire. I thought that might be an alien might had left. When I wore I was turned into an elf and got the power to become invisible. I was totally surprised by the thing happened to me.
Then I went in search of someone, but without my knowledge I fell into a large hole. I saw an old lady sitting quiet in one corner. When I went near her to know whereabouts, she stared at me and became invisible. I was very scared and quickly jumped out of the hole. When I came out of the hole, the dark atmosphere had been filled with woods. I was very confused about what all was happening.
Then I saw a number of elves coming outside from the bushes. They were very cute and wore same clothes. I introduced myself to them and we all played many games. I had fabulous time with them. They offered me so many gifts and magical powers. I was very happy and thanked them for the surprises.
I saw a talking tree with its long branches hanging to and fro. I asked me to say my wishes. Then I told all my wishes to the tree and it said that all my wishes will be fulfilled very soon. I thanked and it blessed me. I was very delight and all confusions vanished from my mind.
Suddenly, I was tripped by the stone and fell down. My ring came out my finger and suddenly the woods disappeared and again the atmosphere changed to gloomy and dark one. I was back to my original form. Again I was very lonely. I thought of wearing ring to my finger thinking that woods will be found. But unfortunately, it didn’t happen. I heard melody music coming out from the centre of the place which looked like a whirlpool. Then with strong heart I went there. I was not able to walk, I slid and reached to one big hall. There were many aliens again. I thought that it could be the place where they meet every day.
The aliens welcomed me. They treated me like their special guest. They entertained me with their own style of dance, sung songs and they offered me delicious foods. Initially I thought that aliens will be cruel but after noticing their behavior towards a stranger, that point vanished from my mind and I was greatly attached to them, then I saw a girl in human form and went near her to ask how she came to galaxy. She too came in the same way like me. I thought it was very strange which caused us to bring into “galaxy”.
Then we both looked for someone’s help. We went to one giant alien which we thought that he was the head of all other aliens. We described our situation and asked him how can return to our planet. He said that it is very difficult to return to earth. We both were shocked and asked him whether there is no way to return. Then he thought for a while and said that he will arrange spaceships by which we can go to mother “earth”. we thanked him for his great favor and we were emotionally departed from there. We bid a goodbye to all of them present there. Some aliens cried and hugged us both. Then they gave us some wordings by which we can again got to galaxy. We thanked for it and I was landed safely in my room.
My parents were tensed about me as I was not there for the whole day. Then they asked me where I had gone. I told entire story to them what had happened in galaxy. Even I told about my new friends. I went to school and shared my experience with my buddies. They were all stunned. They also wanted to visit galaxy once in their lifetime.
When I returned home from school, I saw many journalists waiting for me in verandah for conducting interview. I was very delight. They asked me few questions and I answered with open heart. I told about all the things which occurred in galaxy.
The ring of blue sapphire helped me in my trouble times. I will keep it with me forever and eternal. It was my unforgettable and mesmerizing experience ever happened.
Author Details
Name – G.V Rakshitha.
Class – 9th
School – Sri Krishna International School, Bangalore.


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