My Adventures through the Galaxies By Praneeth Bommisetti

Praneeth Bommisetti

Most important time for the planet, planet’s core reactor was stolen, without the core reactor the planets core will blast because of the unstoppable force present in the core, there is only three more days left over before the plant will melt down occurs as the core reactor is not present. The core reactor is made of rarest metals in the solar system which were Frominum, Laratic, Zopier and Korpier .Each metal is present in different planet. So the government selected a team for space exploration to find these metals and collect them; the team consisted of me and two of my friends Josuprenith and Bovapa. We were ordered to go on space exploration immediately as time was ticking to fast before there is no more left. We took the Gulbarium rocket which was the fastest rocket ever made till date which can travel 10 light years per minute. We could trace out the metals were present in Uranus, Pluto, Mars and Neptune. We first planned to go to the farthest planet first so, we began our exploration;

As we started going to Pluto after moving out of planet earth, we had a very big obstacle which was the asteroid barrier were there were powerful winds blowing and lots of giant asteroids are present. After thinking for while we got an idea; that we could first anticipate the movement of asteroids and the winds and lock down the path and slow down the rocket speed and move with the highest speed so that wind would not bother us much; we could make any delay as the planet Earth would destroy. With lots of hopes we tried to cross the asteroid barrier which was a great success. As we crossed the asteroid barrier we rushed to planet Pluto. We finally got there we landed; we began searching for Frominum we could find out a reserve of Frominum in a near distance; So we began to go there was a volcano above it; so, we had to find out another way to extract. We found out a way but there were some creatures present. We could not make out what to do but still with courage we went near them and tried to communicate through signs. We were very happy as they could understand; they brought us a device which can translate any language present in our solar system. We told them why we visited to their planet. So, they helped us out with extracting Frominum from their planet. We thanked them and began moving to Neptune:

We began to move to Neptune there was lot of gases present in the atmosphere of Neptune. So, we had to send a rover to find out a place to land. We began searching for Laratic was very hard to find as there were thick layer of gasses present; we extracted Laratic and started heading back to the rocket but we lost traces of it and we could not see it .We were searching for a long time but we could not find it out as we were walking with heavy armours on us we were tried so we sat down on a piece of rock after a while we realized that we were sitting on rocket boosters. We expected to see other aliens in Neptune like we got to see in Pluto but we could not find any. We began to move to Uranus:

As we reached to Uranus we already got rid of 1 day in 2 so we had to start moving quicker, as soon as we determined the location of Zopier we got there but could not find out where Zopier is present and the metal locater power was out. So, things got complicated we did not understand what to do for a while. So we sat down and were thinking what could we do? Bovapa got an idea that he could transfer energy from the space suite to the metal locater; so, we tried it out after a lot of complication it could work we had to put the metal locater in ultimate mode to find out Zopier. It was hard to extract it is a very fragile metal, this was a very time consuming process as we had to use the robotic arm to extract Zopier. After extracting Zopier to Mars:

As we could find out how to cross the asteroid barrier before it was a little less complex to cross it to reach Mars but we had much less time available so we were hurrying .And the rocket fuel in the rocket was empty as there was a leak in the fuel tank. Before getting worried about the struggles to go back to Earth we thought to find Korpier. As we were searching we got trapped by Martians in mars they took hold of us trapped us in a prison. They were thinking we came to destroy them so they were planning to kill us by throwing cage in the prison but as Josuprenith escaped he got the metal and brought a space ship of the Martians and flew back to Earth but they could not follow us as we destroyed the central base.

As soon as we came back to Earth we have given to the scientist who could make the core reactor after a while he could complete the core reactor and the Earth come backs to glory again. We were gifted with fame and wealth for our daring job done in saving the Earth.

Name: Praneeth Bommisetti

Grade: 9th Std

School: Ambitus World School,

Near Bachupally, Bowarampet


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