My Adventures through the Galaxies By Pavan Kumar Thota

Life is a flabbergasting gift. To make our lives scintillating we do lot of avid activities and adventures or sometimes we fall into predicaments, here an adventure awaits us. It doesn’t take time to change things. After a flamboyant night, full of delirious dreams, you see things change like you are not on your bed or maybe you are among the zillion galaxies! So, go further to read my alacrity and effusive journey.

It was a dark moonless night; well it wasn’t pitch dark because the night was filled with the twinkling, vibrant, white stars which illuminated the darkness. Something was perplexing which made me fretful. The stars appeared to be declining. I slept with fortitude expecting a propitious day ahead. I didn’t expect to see the perpetual change ahead.

One, two…eight hours passed. It was an indicator for me to arouse. I woke up the eddy sun but it wasn’t a day on earth. I was in the synodic space. My apprehension attested to be right, my life changed in eight hours. Now I was panicked what I am supposed to do? Out of the blue I remembered my first golden rule to be tranquil and scrutinize the problem. Life is authentic it has crafted a solution for every quandary. Nevertheless, I started analyzing.

Foremost thing I was alive and respiring in space and subsequently Earth was not in its trajectory. How was it possible? Then my skeptical mind elucidated when I saw a video camera roving capaciously. I swiftly propelled and reached the video camera on tenterhooks to find a clue for the mystifying mystery. It was the beginning of my ambitious adventure through the space. The video cam contained a clipping recorded by aliens. They said, “If you want to save earth search the map to find the concealing place of the earth and then the cassette went dead.” Why was I chosen to save earth? How will I find the map without any hint? How will I travel light years to discover earth? Will I sustain to save the earth? These were all the questions rummaging through my mind.

I started exploring the nearby places, I was in a void. A thought got trapped in my mind. Alien’s map would probably be something which wasn’t obtainable on earth. I started searching for such an article. I found an oort cloud later than tackling the magnificent meteorites, escaping the supernormal aliens and fighting against a folly alien with my wit. Finding an oort cloud in the interior of the asteroid belt is nearly impossible. Thus, I took the Oort cloud which revealed a dim light and the map. I was rapturous to finally find my vital companion in my expedition-the map.

The map consisted of ten places. First place was the introlytic belt which was extragalactic. My whole life wouldn’t be sufficient to save earth. I was disheartened. That was the most atrocious situation of my life. Where I am supposed to be in this world? My life had gone futile. Streams of tears dropped and hovered around me. I guess the aliens weren’t too belligerent and accost. They sent a space ship, a plump book of instructions and some tedious food- raw salad of all green vegetables like bitter gourd, spinach, etc. Yuck! It was so disgusting food but still I managed to gulp the arid food. As soon as I finished eating, I started interpreting the manual and time passed away. I didn’t realize when my eyes deceived me and soon I was snoring.

After few hours, I woke up by terrorizing echo of bang by the asteroids. There was going to be an asteroid storm. I had to chase the time. I read the few pages left and hurried to my first destination. The spaceship had ten times the speed of light. Fortunately, a speed proof dress came to my rescue. Within minutes I reached the belt. There I had to take two introlyte rocks but it wasn’t easy. The introlytes were burning. I propelled around the orbit and discovered that only two rocks were cooled and meticulously took the rocks. I expected that I would burn alive while taking the rocks but I luckily survived.

The next four places were on achromous planet. Life showed up in the form of vibrant and radiant trees at the next place. I collected some dry leaves and searched for the dry red desert of iron oxide. The place was as hot as the lava. I was sweltering and unexpectedly I recognized that I had a space ship. It was a sheer waste of time and energy. I returned to my space ship read the code in the manual to resurrect the space ship which was out of the ordinary. The code was (1~2a*&g;’hijguy`ytft!ycfgjyu$yukjhn890-=5$@^ %). Practically it had no sense it was the reason for the supernormal speed of the space craft. I reached the desert within fraction of seconds. I took the space collector which was too heavy and had a cylinder at back to collect powders.

I collected iron oxide from red desert, water from oasis in red desert and crimentit from Conglo Mountains with pleasure. The sixth place was my life’s biggest challenge. I had to converse with a droopy alien using sign language. After a long time, finally I could convince him to make a design of machine using some strange code which was written at a corner of the map. I struggled a lot convincing him but he took one minute to make the design he just put the code into a small printer like machine and the readymade design was formed. The seventh place was Uranus so I came back to Milky Way galaxy. I took rest for some time and I was off to complete my adventure. On Uranus I collected large diamonds.

Eighth place was the asteroid belt from where I assembled disc shaped asteroids. Ninth place was triangulam galaxy from where I had to buy a kind of grinder using the diamonds I assembled from Uranus. Finally, I reached Andromeda Galaxy-the last place. I blended all the ingredients in the grinder and a huge machine approximately larger than earth formed! An alarm rang, I had only five minutes. Quickly I took a glance at the map and I found the Earth. I was blissful to complete my mission. Using the machine, I carried Earth and placed it in its orbit. This adventure was a unique escapade of my life. I saved the Earth and I saved my home. There was only one mystery left. Why did aliens choose only me? Well I was arbitrarily chosen as a hero.

This adventure taught me a different angle of life. I returned to my home to share my astonishing experience of my life. By the way, I am Sebastian Prescott – an adventure love and that’s why I love to explore.

Author’s Details

Name – Pavan Kumar Thota.

Class – 9th

School: Ambitus World School, Hyderabad.


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