My Adventures through the Galaxies By Anjana N

Last night I had been to a movie which was related to galaxy. I was so thrilled that I wanted to visit galaxy which was however impossible. Even when I was sleeping I was thinking about galaxy. At the morning my mother forgot to wake me up, but still I managed to wake up. As I woke up I saw a different world, I was not in my room but I saw a strange world where there was a cluster of stars and a huge cloud of gas revolving in circular motion. Soon I realized that I was in a galaxy, next to me there was a strange vehicle next to me, which was similar to a time machine.

There was an old man in that vehicle; I wanted to ask him where I was, but he got disappeared within fraction of second. Now I was so scared on one side and extremely happy on other side as my dream had become true. For a second I got a doubt whether it was a dream so pinched myself to make sure that I was not dreaming. When I pinched myself I felt the pain, therefore it was true that I was in galaxy.

For half an hour I was roaming around, there was an extreme silence. Soon I heard some strange noise, which made me feel so damn scared. Suddenly I saw some lights far away which were coming towards me, it were none other than UFO’s.

There were more than ten UFO’s, which started surrounding me in circular motions .Now I was so tensed that I closed my eyes and started praying GOD. Within that all the UFO’s landed and from the UFO’s dwarf like creature came out. They had a dark black eye, no hairs on their head, and they were grey in color. And the weird thing was that they were wearing a colorful cap and a sparkling pendant.

Then I thought that they could be aliens. Within that one of the alien came near me and gave a shake hand. Now I was relieved and said “hi” to them. Even they said “hi” to me. I was so shocked to hear that because English was spoken only in earth. But here even out of the Earth aliens spoke English.

Then I introduced myself to the alien, and it felt very strange about my name. And later it introduced its name to me; the funniest fact was that the alien had kept one of the alphabet as its name. The name was “B”, and then B took introduced all the aliens who were standing there. Even their name was one from the English alphabet. Then he asked me how I landed in galaxy, and then I said about my story. He said that he will search the way to reach earth.

Later he took me to his UFO and we went around the galaxy, I was so thrilled because that was the very first time I went on a ride in UFO. It was so nice to see the stars live. The whole ride was like a 3d show, I enjoyed every minute seeing the whole galaxy which so beautiful.

Suddenly the UFO was stopped, I asked B “what happened”, he said that his enemies were somewhere near to us. I was so shocked to hear that even aliens had their own enemies. Within then many UFO’s surrounded our UFO, and they announced that we need to get down from the UFO soon within three counts.

We got scared and as soon the countdown began, we got down from the UFO. They were shocked to see me as I was a human, then one of the alien asked me “Are you the girl who came from earth with an old man”. I said “yes”, then B asked them “where is that old man” ,they said “if you want that old man then you will have to play a game “.

Without thinking anything I said OK. But B wanted to say something but even he said ok. The game was had two levels, first level was to cross a broken bridge which had hot molten lava beneath.

And the second was to dive in a well and bring a key from the river. Both were very difficult levels

But still we made up our mind to cross them first we went to cross the broken bridge which was too scary to look at. The width of the broken bridge was too small that only one person can move at a time. First B took his chance and crossed the bridge, he was not scared of that lava and he just normally crossed the bridge. Next I took my chance and I crossed half of the bridge easily and other half looked very dangerous but still I tried to cross the bridge.

Now it was the time for next level, this level seemed to be easy as I had learned swimming from my childhood. They said the rule that only one person can participate in this level, I said to B that I will participate as I knew swimming. He was ok with that and I took my turn. When I was about to take my dive, they gave an alarm and said within five minute I had to search the key.

Now I dived into the well and began searching the key. I don’t even wanted to waste even a single second as time was to less for me search the key. While I was still in the upper surface, the time was three minutes. Then I swam deep into the well and saw something was sparkling, and I went near to that, and for my surprise it was the key.

Now without wasting time, I swam quickly to the surface and came out of the well and gave the key to the alien. B appreciated me for my work, now the enemy alien called the old man with his vehicle. I was so happy now, I thanked B for his support and B‘s friend gifted me a pendant. I sat in that vehicle. As soon as I sat on that vehicle there was some light. I could not see that light as it was too bright, after that I was in my room. Within fraction of seconds I reached earth, this was my lifetime experience which I can never forget.

Author’s Details

Name – Anjana.N

Class – 9th

School – Sri Krishna International School, Bangalore.


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