My Adventure through the Galaxies By Karthik Bonthala

Karthik BonthalaKarthik BonthalaHello Everyone, I am Eric Otatswan. I am writing my experience of adventure in the intergalactic travel. First I am going to give some information about the universe I live in.

After all the celestials have collapsed into one, all the creatures including of the Earth’s have burnt to ashes. All signs of life were lost except for the 4 Legendary Gods, “Palkia” the god of space, “Dialga” the god of time, “Giratina” the god and controller of the Underworld & finally the first individual to exist “Arceus” the god of Life, Elements and Universe. These critters had put an end to the put an end to all stars, satellites and planets because of the ignorant, aggressive, pesky and cunning creatures of the universe. The creature in the cosmos had a very bad behavior and wanted to control all over the universe. The legends didn’t like that and wanted to see good in them so a created a new world where the creatures will have a good bond and friendship. They formed galaxies and made them so that the creatures could travel through galaxies. The tetrad decided to give out life diversely in all the planets in all galaxies. There are two types of creatures in the entire universe and that are Humans like me Eric and Pokémon.

With the “Power of Four”, they created life in a very advanced way like how we expect future on Earth will be. Pokémon are creatures with mythical and Special Powers. Arceus and rest are also Pokémon.

Now, the main occupation of the people in our planet is Pokémon Trainer. Pokémon Trainers are people who catch Pokémon and use them in battles and performances or other things. To catch a Pokémon, an instrument called a Poke-ball is used to catch them.

I am a Pokémon trainer and even the captain of the spaceship called the Galactic Research Traveler. I caught a lot of Pokémon from all the planets I have travelled. There are 18 types in Pokémon which tell how the Pokémon attacks-

1.Grass 2.Fire 3.Water 4.Bug 5.Flying 6.Fighting 7.Ice 8.Poison 9.Ghost 10.Fairy 11.Dark 12.Dragon 13.Steel 14.Rock 15.Ground 16.Electric 17.Normal 18. Psychic.

I had lots of good memories with my Pokémon and have formed a very good bond which made them evolve. Now we are on a mission to save the universe.

I selected my best buddy and starter Pikachu along with my best Pokémon for the special mission. We selected some powerful trainers and asked them for their full support in the mission. Then we started the champions of all the regions on Earth have gathered up and started planning for the dimension battles and controls of the four mythical worlds- “Space Dimension”, “Time Dimension”, “Underworld Dimension” and “Elemental Dimension”.

Recently Arceus, the controller of the universe, has come and has given five of its rings to make earth better, but when the people were returning the plates back to Arceus, the placement of plates was not correct creating an explosion and sending off the plates to other dimensions. Without any plate Arceus is no longer a living being but if the plates are again placed in the proper order it will come back to life.

The plates exploded to the four dimension worlds and we, the Pokémon trainers have taken a step to get back the plates. We are now on our way the World of Palkia, the Space Dimension. Space and Space Dimension are two different things, Space is where all the celestial bodies are present where as the Space Dimension is the world from where Palkia controls the space. As we got near to the Dimension, tremendous heat started to the ship, we couldn’t bear the heat, this was a sign that Palkia’s Dimension gate is going to open soon. Without wasting time, I sped the ship to the side from where the heat started to come. In no time the Gate was open and we went inside the Dimension.

The view was fabulously colored with lots of auroras in the top. then suddenly we stopped near another gate where two Pokémon who were guards asked for the reason why we came. We told the reason and the guards let us in only with one condition, i.e. If the guards had a Pokémon battle, they would let the people in.

The champion Steven along with another trainer went to battle and won. Then we left in search of the plates and found all four but one struck in the dimension controller’s heart. We carefully removed the plate with all the might we can use and made sure the dimension controller wouldn’t break. Then suddenly Palkia entered the Controller room. Palkia misunderstood that we were going to break the Dimension Controller, it started attacking us. We dodged from the attacks and tried to tell the reason, but it won’t stop at all. Then Palkia came near the dimension Controller and saw Arceus’s Fairy Plate stuck in it. Then Palkia understood why we were here. Palkia removed the plate and handed it to us and told us to save Arceus. Palkia opened the Gate for us to leave and while leaving, it gave us a key. We didn’t understand why the key was given to us and Palkia didn’t say a word about the key. We thought it would be a clue in future and put it with us and left.

Next, we were going to the Dimension of Time (or) the Time Dimension. A we went near to the dimension, our spaceship ship started to spin and swirl around. We found out that different time zones are interacting in this place which means we are near to the time dimension. Even with the swirling, we made it out safe and went through the time gate. I was very confusing to find direction and we couldn’t find even one Pokémon.

So we started to locate the plates using our ultraviolet heat sensor. We followed the sensor and found a Pokémon that we not seen at all before. We also found Dialga trapped in a cage at a corner. Dialga said to us that this Pokémon formed because of 6 plates of Arceus. All the Trainers got down the ship along with me and fought a fierce battle with the unnamed Pokémon. We almost were about to lose but finally won. The cage around Dialga faded away and the 6 plates divided. We collected the plates and placed them in our space ship. Then Dialga also gave us a key which looked mostly the same. We said our good-byes and left.

After that, we had to go to the Deadliest Dimension- The Underworld where the dead spirits live and the Dimension where Giratina lives. As we went half way through the galaxy to reach our destination, the two keys started to float in air along with all the plates of Arceus, they have created a formation and a portal opened. Through the portal came 3 plates of Arceus. Now that we got the 3 plates, we had no need to go to Giratina’s dimension.

Now that we got 13 plates, 5 more are left. We went near to the Elemental Dimension where we saw that the plates were floating around the Entrance. Then the keys and plates in the ship went out and we couldn’t open our eyes because of the immense light flashing at our eyes.

After that, we found ourselves on the spot where Arceus was there. We placed the plates in the right order and Arceus came back to life.

Then Arceus thanked us for the job we have done and left.

All the people went back to their homes and continued their job but we know that everyone will come together and solve any problem that arises.

_____________________________THE END_________________________


Author’s Details

Name – Karthik Bonthala.

Class – 9th

School – Ambitus World School, Hyderabad.


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