My adventure through galaxy with ALIEN By Jeevan C


I set my alarm and slept. I entered a spacecraft, the rockets taking the J6, myself landed in the space. Sending signals to NASA but someone caught my signals, had sudden jerk inside landed safe on the moon, and came out of J6, to see who caught my signals, but there was a crash to my rocket by the soccer.

I came out and saw there was smoke coming from the soccer and looked up, saw comet passing above my head, the Milky Way at little distance and there were star twinkling. Sometimes they were close to me and sometimes faraway, then I realised that I am floating around the soccer to see it. I touched it, the door of the soccer opened, Then entered in and the door suddenly closed. and saw the Aliens doing some chemical reactions where the chemical fumes were collected and mixed with an acid and was poured into a hallow skeleton structure hanged on a wall after few minutes chemical mixture was converted into a tiny vehicle. When another team of Aliens gave command the needle like shaft came out gradually, the fumes were gushing out gently like a light beam. When another command was given another shaft opened from the sides the fumes came out and raised up swiftly and formed swirls. The fume light beams came in contact with these swirls fume beam reflected back and condensed into tube like jelly blades where light were emitting out into fume swirls. The swirls on contact with the light rays of jelly blade are formed into wings on either sides of the vehicle, like aircraft. On another command given to this vehicle, light emitting jelly blades rotates at great speed and the spiky wings open. Then it rose up, and then the window of the soccer opened. That a vehicle looks like a chemical flying robot, flew out into the space.


I turned towards the flying robot of Aliens of the Aliens. During my turning my oxygen cylinder by chance touched the button which was behind me. An air screen was formed on which I could see the flying robots movement and activities.

I saw the robot flying towards the comet. Another command was sent by the robot controlling team. The robot went close to the comet and opened its spikes from the wings and fumes came out from these spikes at high speed and the fumes got dense and it quickly surrounded the comet from the jelly blades lazer like light came out and pointed the comet. As soon as the light felon the comet it became motion less and fell down. As I was seeing the light emitting stopped, the fume flying robot dissolved.

Then I realised that they were the one who caught my signals and stopped my J6

I shouted wow!!! What a fantastic ideas they have got to protect themselves. Due to my loud voice the captain heard me and I am caught by him. I am shivering, when they were coming close to me as they had many chemical weapons to kill me; but they were very friendly.

They took me to an amazing planet of Aliens which was mars then I am taken to another place by another Alien who was known as Raichu the Alien king that was the place from were I could see whole galaxy at once The Milky Way, Stars, Dark Matters, Nebula, stars arranged in concentric shells, rotating disk of stars, Comet, Meteor, Asteroids, Constellation, then we returned to the planet of Aliens. Then I introduced to all the Aliens that I had come here to know about galaxy and explore it to GYANPRO. There were many groups of Aliens they were Pikachu, Terex, Charizard and Rhino there was a sad demise for Pikachu group of Aliens as there was a meteor which stroke that place where they were standing to receive me and Raichu. There was a green smoky room which was known as science lab of Aliens they conducted many experiments. There was a green floating room were I could not reach but all the Aliens together form like step and let RAICHU the Alien king enter his room which was at great height. Terex group took me to an open area were the Aliens were zorbing in smoke ball and had Alien race. They took me to the galaxy were they had soccer races they even pulled me to the soccer race I enjoyed the race. One day there was a large demise to whole mars and everyone were dead there was only me left and RAICHU the Alien king had half of his life his last question to me was who are you? One and only Jeevan from mother India. When I was answering he said it is not safe to stay here and he said leave as soon as possible from here. Said it and passed away. Then I took the soccer which was the only one left after the sad demise reached my J6 spacecraft And sat inside and started and I was hearing Tran…… Trannn….thinking that there is a problem. Then again I started hearing Tran…… Trannn….then I lifted my right hand and pressed the button. Then I realised that it was my alarm ringing went to the moon and launched my rocket and myself into the Earth and launched as there was damage on my rocket and I did not land on the Earth. Then there was an alarm ringing to wake me up. Then after all this I realised it was a dream.

Author’s Details

Name – Jeevan C

Class – 4th.

School – St. Paul’s English School.


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