Mood Rings:Can Mood Change Colour?

mood ringsHumans are filled with various emotions. Happiness, sadness, joy, anger, stress, tension, fears, love, etc. There are endless emotions a person can feel. In fact, there is not even a single moment when a person can be emotionless. Emotions play a very important role in our day to day life. Our mood changes with our emotions. Sometimes, it the moods of a person that can spoil the things or make things happen.

Think of a situation where you would be able to know how the person is feeling. In what mood he/she is. Wouldn’t that be great! Before the situation gets heated up, there would be an option to settle it down. Life would have become much easier. Isn’t it? As it is said that whatever we imagine is already happening somewhere around, the same is with knowing the mood of a person.

mood rings with star graphics

Everyone loves to wear rings. Be it for fashion or for the sake of fortune, people wear rings. But ever wondered if rings can tell in what mood you are in! Well, wonder has already become a reality. Yes, the spontaneous mood of a person can be understood with the help of a ring. These rings, called the ‘Mood Rings’ were invented to tell about the mood of a person.

Mood rings were first designed in late 1970s by two New York designers- Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats. These two people designed a ring which could tell about changing of the mood. Now, you will wonder, how can a ring tell about the mood! Rings stay in the finger, then how is it possible that they will tell us about what’s happening within the body?

Science is everywhere around us. There is some science behind everything happening in this Universe. The mood rings also works due to some scientific factor. Mood rings are composed of a hollow glass shell which is filled with thermotropic liquid crystals. These thermotropic crystals are sensitive to heat and its structure changes with even a little change in temperature.

Since the crystals are heat sensitive, a small change in heat causes the structure of the crystal to change and align itself in a different position. Instead of the liquid crystal, a thin sheet of crystal sealed at the bottom is used as an alternative. The bottom of the ring is contact with the skin and this is how it works. With a change in temperature, the crystals underneath reflects different wavelengths of colour. This changes the colour of the glass or quartz on the top and a person can get to know about the situation of the mood.

Research says that when a person is in a good mood, the speed of blood flow increases which increases the temperature and vice versa. The sensitive liquid also gets affected due to slight temperature increase on the surface of the body. The alignment of crystals change and thus different colours are seen on the glass shell. The ring is generally dark in colour but when it is worn, it shows colour change. The colour code is shown below in this mood ring chart:

mood rings charts

The mood rings, undoubtedly, are one of the fanciest creations ever. It was in trend for a long time. But there were questions on the working of the ring. Since the ring changes colour due to surface temperature of the body, other factors like environment and weather might affect the colour change.

But still, the ring was worn by many people. The mood rings were one of the most innovative creations ever done. Though the working of the ring is not hundred percent perfect. But there’s nothing wrong in wearing a ring which in addition to the fashion and trend would give some idea about the mood as well!

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