Me: The Moon Girl By Ganga Santhosh By Ganga Santhosh

Ganga Santosh

My journey began on December 11. At night before going to bed I looked through the window. The sky looked very dull and dark. My mind was unsettled as I went off to sleep. The next day my mother informed me that the sky had been gloomy last night. Even my father and sister told the same. That night was also like the night before. The next day the news reporters claimed that NASA explained that there had been no moon in the sky since the last week and that only stars shone during the nights. The reporters informed that all the space agencies were baffled as to what had happened to our satellite. That night, I had made up my mind to seek the answer to the mystery of ‘the disappeared moon’. At about eleven at night, I crept out into my yard and stared up at the starry sky. ‘No moon’!!! ‘’Where could the mighty moon, who flooded our nights with milky lights have vanished??’’ I needed the answer.

I pressed the ROCKET button on my laptop. This part of my ability will and should remain an inert secret. To my right, the gigantic rocket loomed up against the house. I got to the passenger lobby and zoomed into the atmosphere.

I was 10 minutes into the flight and the earth was a glowing blob of all the street lights of the world combined!! I could see the Hubble telescope hovering high above the Indian ocean. Far out at the north, the violet glow of Aurora had my mouth open for the next five minutes. But, the space beyond the earth looked empty…… at least, for now.

The next seven hours, I sat by the control panel, enjoying the ride. The pole star appeared closer now. I wasted no chance to view the planets up close through my long-distance telescope. But, I am not supposed to be enthralled by the sights now: I am on an important mission.

Now, after eight-and-a-half-hour travel, its high-time the moon appear on as close as my school is to my home, but there was no trace of it anywhere! A horrible thought had chills creep up my spine. My hair stood on end. I had heard of a solar storm ripping the Martian atmosphere of its magnetic field. Can such an event lead to our moon rolling out of the solar system? I had spent half an hour now, circling the crime scene, wondering how our oceans will look without its tides, when a sudden ‘THUMP’ brought me back to my senses.

The monitor blinked ‘DANGER: PANELS SHATTERED’ and an alarm tore off. From where I lay dazed from my impact with the camera, I noticed that the ship was performing a somersault and there was a large audience watching it. WAIT…WHAT? People in black space ships, zipping past me at crazy speeds. More violent hits, more explosions. I yelled at the drivers of those vehicles to stop. As if they would here. They kept speeding up to me. Dodged me this way and that. Now I was up and about on my feet. ‘WHACK!!!!’ I end up on my belly again. Utterly petrified, I gazed out of the window. And gasped, “No, it can’t be, it just can’t be”, I whispered to myself. Those black things approaching me were too big and shapeless to be patrolling vehicles. I gulped…….. my thoughts were completely messed up now. I considered not having the moon as a better option when I guessed that those massive objects were, in fact, asteroids.

My first theory was that the asteroid belt was relocating. Well, they cannot make good neighbours! Soon, I discovered the cause of the mysterious demise of the moon; a large asteroid was towering before it, blocking its light. There was a ghastly glow emanating from the edges of the rock. Another rock, then another. Now, I am being pulped like fruit in a mixer-grinder.

Unluckily, there was this gargantuan rock coming for me, and I had to act quickly, to reach home in one piece. I half-crawled, half-tottered on my way to the weapons room, and fired torpedoes at the nearest asteroids. I hit two, and two hundred others hit me. I was inside the wave of space rocks, and my bullets were diminishing fast. WHAM!!! Another hit and I am thrown out of the room, I guess. I started getting dizzy and nauseous. There was no one to answer my calls for help. In a frenzy, I fired torpedoes hither and thither, most of them going everywhere except where they are supposed to go.

The struggle continued for the next hour, and by the time the last rock of the parade went past my ship, I had a broken finger, which throbbed horribly. Now, the main part of my quest remained: to disassemble the rock that veiled the moon. I took a deep breath, and fired the final missile at the culprit rock….

OK. GREAT. The last thing I wanted was to find my bullet supply empty when just one more was needed. But, it has happened and all I got to do was go back to earth and inform the space agencies. If I had known that it would end up like this, I would never have risked my life with the asteroids! I slowly revved up the engine to go back home, and then, in the blink of an eye, there I was, as a huge media sensation as the Girl who saved the moon: discovered the cause of moon disappearing and informed agencies.

Oh! It was nothing! I just had to be brave and fight it out. I would like to extend such help in the future too”, I said at my latest interview. It was held at a huge assembly at the city park. It was such a calm and cool evening, and I was not expecting any sudden turn of events. Wasn’t I wrong?

NOOOOOOO HELP HELP HELP’ the people started to run around hysterically. I was quite shocked at such a response. Looking up into the sky, I saw, a speeding train of asteroids approaching us. I screamed, as they started to toss me around. I had nothing to do, with the asteroids plummeting from above like fire balls, and here, people running around like a pack of hungry wolves. I felt myself being shaken from head to toe. I screamed at the top of my lungs, and……..

And, sat up on my bed. My mom rushed up next to me, and wrapped her arms around me. Dad officially declared the scenario as “A nightmare”. My sister, lying next to me, sat up groggily, and asked, “What’s up?”. I just sat there for a long time, then burst out laughing. “I just had an adventure”, I declared, kind of happy that the lonely condition at space was just a dream, but sad as well, because like everyone, I too love to be famous!

Author’s Details

Name – Ganga Santhosh.

Class – 6th

School – Sunrise English Private School, Abu Dhabi, UAE.


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