Leaning Tower Of Pisa

Have you ever thought why tower of Pisa is not straight? Tower of Pisa always amazes me. I always thought why on that particular tower is leaning and why not others. Why is that it did not fall? Ah! I know even you would have got all these doubts.

Well, there is nothing strange behind it. It is just pure physics used in construction. Even before knowing the science behind it. Let us know some history behind the Pisa tower.

History of Pisa tower


The leaning tower of Pisa was constructed in 11th century in Italy. In the local Italian language this tower is called as Torre Pendente di Pisa. It is a result of miscalculations. It is about 14,500 ton. And this tower was not built at a go. It took them long time to correct and build this. They stopped the construction work as they noticed the slant in the building. They were worried where the building would collapse and cause damage to people around. Then all physicists, engineers, archaeologists and many other people started looking for solutions. They were looking for solutions for making it right.

And it took over 800 years for completing the construction. The final building was about 14,500 ton and 55.86 meters tall and has 294 steps. Initially it was upright only. Till the construction of two floors it was perfect, but after the third floor they noticed this misalignment in the building. They did not continue with the construction for around 100 yrs.

Let us see the chronological events of Pisa tower.

  • August 9, 1173 construction started.
  • In 1178 the third floor began to lean.
  • In 1272 they began to reconstruct it.
  • In 1319 the 7th floor was constructed.
  • 1372 bell jar was added.
  • In 1987 UNESCO declared Pisa tower as world heritage.
  • In 1990 the bell was removed and tower was closed.
  • Again in 2001 it was open for tourists.


Scientific reason behind Pisa tower

Centre of gravity is holding the Pisa tower intact without collapsing. Considering the height and weight of the tower, the maximum angle it can lean is 5.44 degrees. If the leaning angle increases above that then there are all chances of the building collapsing. As of now the bent angle is 3.99 degrees. so according to this scientists have told that it can stand for another 200 years.

Wow! Such wonder isn’t it.

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