Journey Through The Galaxies By Shwetambari Abhirajan

Jerry, come down right now.’ thundered Jerry’s dad in a very irate mood. Jerry came out of his room with a shabby face. ‘What is this Jerry? You have got only 62 % in science assessment! You lost all your marks in the questions about galaxies. I very upset with you.’ He said in a voice that felt as if his anger had brought in gloominess. ‘Sorry dad. I do not think that I studied well for the exam. I will improve in my final exams.’ said Jerry in a way that made his dad feel that Jerry had realized his mistake. So, he said ‘Okay. I hope you don’t make this mistake again.’

Jerry ran to the terrace and cried till his tears were out. He had always been ne of the bright students in his class but now he did not know what his class thought about him. Then, he caught the view of a billion stars exploding out of a white sky. He had never seen such a beautiful sight but he looked at it in disgust. He whispered to himself ‘you could have been much lovelier if you didn’t do this to Me.’ all of a sudden a star landed on his terrace. It looked like a giant ball of chocolate, but it was a harder one. He picked it up and it started flying. It had gripped its fingers through the holes it had.

He could see the planets, satellites, asteroids, meteoroids and other heavenly bodies passing by. Then suddenly he reached a place of nowhere. He was totally confused. Where was he? Why was he there? What is he going to do? How can he go back home? his mind exploded with questions he did not have answer to. He suddenly noticed his legs floating. He turned around to see if the star that brought him there would have any idea. But what he noticed was way more beautiful.

There was a white liquid with arms that looked like as if it wanted to dance. It was rotating and was decorated with a lot of stars. It couldn’t be……………. He was …… in……in…………the Milky Way!!!!!! How is it possible? How can he reach a place that is so far? Did he fly? Is it going to take 100,000 years to go back home?

You think a lot.’ Came a sound. It came from the back. He turned around and spied each and every point but there was no one there. Then, he felt a touch on his shoulder. ‘Aaaaaaa!’ he shouted as he turned. To his astonishment, it was the same star that had brought him here. ‘Who are you?’ asked Jerry. ‘I am Pollux’s child, Dorado; you are right now in the Milky Way and are here to see the collision of Andromeda and Redshift galaxy. There is one person from each planet of the galaxy. I guess you are from earth. Why don’t you join me?’

Sure’ he said ‘but first tell me one thing; how did you get arms and legs?’ ‘Oh. These; I got this because today each star gets its own power and to use it we need arms.’ Said Dorado.

When they entered, there was a massive crowd of stars, aliens, meteoroids and other beautiful stuff. He was so surprised to see so many different objects. He was walking in such a confused way that he bumped into a blue star. ‘How dare you! Why don’t you see and walk. Hah!’ thundered the star. ‘Sorry, sorry! It won’t happen again.’ said Dorado pulling him away. Dorado then told him ‘They are the blue stars and they are the angriest ones because they are hot.’

It was almost time for the collision of the galaxies. Everybody was applauding when the mayor of the space announced that there was only 30 second left for the collision of galaxies.

All of a sudden, everybody stopped applauding……….the collision had stopped……..there were huge UFO’s with “megallenic wars” written on it. There was a voice that spread silence. It said ‘stop this collision or you would have to pay.’

Everything paused for a moment. What was the matter? The head of the army got down and snatched the microphone in a crescent moon shape from the mayor. ‘You all should be ashamed of yourself. You are taking part in a celebration that is going to destroy the megallenic galaxy. We and Andromeda do not have a good relationship and I couldn’t believe that our best friend, Redshift is colliding with Andromeda.’ Said the head in a sobbing manner. He was tall and had a mask on his face. But his eyes were red which meant that he was furious.

Who are you’ asked someone from the crowd in a scared voice. ‘I am major Volic.’ Volic then saw some taking out their guns. ‘Don’t even try to’ he said in a warning manner ‘we have two guns. One, that can freeze your cardiac muscles and second one can cause lethal burns.’ he said ‘Capture them soldiers.’ He commanded his army.

They brought in a suitcase. One of the soldiers opened it up. As it opened there came out a huge building made of bricks. It was the case jail. All of them were pushed by the army in. The blue stars were getting angry and he red stars started sobbing, as their nature is.

There was silence in the jail. ‘We can’t just give up. So, what if they had so many guns, we are united and so we can do this. My father says “the power of one good objective is more millions of bad ones”. Everyone, although I am a small kid, I have the courage to fight with them. Does anyone else have?’ said Jerry by raising his hand up. First, Dorado put his hand, Then Vega the star, and then Pollux the star. Slowly everybody put their hand but the mayor hesitated. ‘Do you think we will be able to win this war, young man?’ asked the mayor. ‘Keep your hand and we will give our best.’ said Jerry. The mayor did as Jerry said.

They all started pushing the jail rods. To their surprise, it wasn’t strong at all. They tip toed towards the back exit, their hearts pumping out of their body. There were two guards standing outside. They all got scared. ‘I have an idea.’ said an alien from Neptune. He took out a bottle and poured some water on his hand and he said ‘send ½ liter of bleach that is cold, 10 ml. of acetone and some ice. It appeared in his hand. He mixed it all up and then sprinkled it on a napkin. Then he sprinkled it on one more napkin and gave it to Jerry. ‘Make them smell it.’ And so they did. The two guards fell unconscious. ‘They will be like this for 12 hours.’ The alien said. They all sneaked out. Suddenly, a soldier noticed them and yelled ‘major they are trying to sneak out.’ The major turned around and looked as if he would kill them. ‘What on Triangulam galaxy are you doing? You are going to pay.’ Then the major commanded his soldiers ‘start shooting with the guns.’ And so did the soldiers. It was a war that took place. The aliens from different planets took their guns out. Jerry asked the alien from Neptune if he could give Jerry his magical bottle. ‘Sure.’ He answered and handed Jerry the bottle.

Jerry sprinkled some water in his hand and wished ‘give me the AK47 and teach me how it runs. AK47 appeared in his hand and he felt that something had just got stored in his hand. Then he started firing through his gun. He could see that many people dying. Then he pointed it towards the major and shot by his gun. The major was shot, but not dead. He screamed but no one except Jerry looked at him. Then he took out his freezing gun and shot the gun at Jerry. The rays from the gun freezed his cardiac muscle and he fell to the ground. All the stars, aliens, meteoroids, and others came running to him. All the stars tried to melt his heart. The blue stars that were the hottest. The red stars that were the least hot. The green stars etc. suddenly he was picked up in the sky and all the stars in the Milky Way gathered around him.

They were giving out all their heat. All of a sudden, when everybody had lost hope, there was one breath taken by Jerry and he woke up. As he woke up, the war emerged even more. With more anger, energy and war like mode. Till then a few more UFO’S arrived, this time they were the police from the megallenic galaxy. They had come to arrest Volic and his army. The inspector came closer to Jerry and said ‘thank you young man. Because of you we could catch this menace.’ And the army was taken away.

After the sadness had run away, it was party time. They all saw the collision of the galaxies together. But there was one problem left and that was he had not studied for his science exam. When he remembered he started crying. Then when he closed his eyes and opened it again, he found himself on his bed and got to know that this was all just a dream and that his science assessment was not even done. So he woke up and started to study. It was so easy for him that on the open house day he got 99.8% in his assessment of science.

Wait a minute, even I have a science test tomorrow but I am already ready.

Author’s Details

Name – Shwetambari Abhirajan.

Class – 6th

School – India International School, Sharjah.


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