Journey through galaxies Jayanth V Dev

The Hope

In the year 2056 when the epidemic occurred humans were forced to leave their planet but to leave their planet, meant to find. Another planet which has an environment suitable as Earth. They set out for that planet. As days go by, technology increases so by the year 2050 they made a working model that travels in light speed. The energy was the space dust and the Hicks atoms in space that fired the engine to go in light speed. Meanwhile, back in earth people were dying as the epidemic was caused by a virus known as a “Killer”. It was a plytominobial virus, this virus was first mutated and when the virus was completely mutated scientist thought of experimenting it on animals. They mutated the virus to act as a Biochemical Healer that can heal stuff and cure them faster. But due to abnormal radiations in the air the DNA changed in the virus. The scientists experimented on cows, so when eaten it cures people but, what happened was completely opposite, the cow died as soon as it got injected with the virus. The scientist then disposed the cow. A poor family hungry saw this and a man went and cut few pieces of its flesh cooked them and ate it with his family. This caused toxin making them living dead or what is known as Zombie’s and there was no stopping of these genetically mutated killers so they finally dropped a nuclear bomb on the whole country where the Zombies existed.

By dropping the bomb which had kilotons of explosives made the Earth crust unstable. This caused Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanic Eruptions. The humans could not leave the planet so fast so, they built gravity benders which use gravity as an energy to uplift them to the Exosphere, but due to thin Air and Radiations they built Oxygenarators and Radioprotectors, this made them survive till a new planet is found but due to no hope. All of them but a few went into deep hyper sleep. Some with a hope survived. Meanwhile back in the spaceship

The Home Plant’ there were about 196 people representing a country were camping in Uranus. They needed supplies so they found Water & Diamonds!!! They even found a few skeleton systems. Then they travelled backward approximately where Saturn is, they found a huge source of energy nearby on their trackers when they came near by Prometheus a wormhole and they travelled. After sometime they found a Parallel Universe where everything is exactly same except that technology is different. All planets except Earth have a civilization on of which Mars was the planet with the smartest beings. They found out that all planets were inhabited by the satellites. They landed on Mars they were shocked to see Egyptians and Pyramids. When they got down they put on their voice translators which enabled them to speak to the Egyptians. They spoke to the Pharaoh and asked him how did they come to Mars. That time he says that “My Great Grand Fathers lived on Earth long time ago at this time an advanced civilization came down to Earth and brought us here. They genetically modified our genes to live on Mars and that is why our faces are that of Birds & Animals. They also mutated our cells and this gave us supernatural powers which are of great help to us. We have powers to bend Fire, Water, Earth & Air. The gifted one’s with the power to bend gravity were used

to build Pyramids faster. “How did you arrive”? asked the Pharaoh. They said that they arrived through a Wormhole. The Pharaoh said that the Wormhole doesn’t bend the distance but, bends the time. After all these talks, the team took leave of the Pharaoh and started for Jupiter.

On Jupiter, the intellectual Aztecs were living and on Saturn, the Incas. All these civilizations in the parallel universe came and settled on Earth. They show black holes and how to go through them and come out. They travelled to many galaxies using the Az-tech. The Aztecs showed how to make black holes and showed a kind of weapon with 2 kilotons of explosives and shot the weapon towards the random star. The Stars core became unstable and became a Supernova. The Supernova quickly exploded but due to the gravity the matter collided back and turned into a black hole. The crew very happily went back to the Earth. On going back they found a huge diamond floating around. The size of the diamond was as big as the Moon. They brought the diamond back using the shrink ray and shrinked the diamond size to that of an ant. Then they returned back to Earth. On returning the people in the Earth were very happy to see the team back and they started their evacuation. The year on Earth was now

3612. The humans of 2056 were in hyper sleep & when woken up they were filled with joy. You want to know how I know so much, is because I’m the Astronaut who accompanied them.

The Humans started for the planet x9721. They brought all Animals, Birds, Plants & Reptiles. They went in immense speed up to Saturn but on reaching there they did not find the wormhole. They learnt that the wormhole changes its position every time it is used. On reaching the planet x9721 the group of Astronauts left the people and came back to the Solar System just to see what happened. The Astronauts see the Earth blasting but it was controlled by some godly thing. The thing had encased the earth with a type of shield bubble. This godly thing was nothing, but the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh had the powers that even gods couldn’t have that is why the Egyptians were creators, Incas the destroyers & Aztecs the protectors. The Pharaoh helped the people to travel to the next galaxy and saved humanity from extension.

Oh!! but wait, don’t you want to know who the Pharaoh is!! It is none other than the person from the Greek Mythology, Prometheus. The one who gave Fire to the mankind and the one who has created mankind itself. He was cursed in the parallel universe by Zeus. So, Prometheus after all saves Humanity.

Thank You.

Author’s Details Name –Jayanth V Dev

Class – 9th

School – Samved, Bangalore.


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