Is Smart Helmet A safety Innovator?


Smart reality helmets will be an extra eye for the riders of two wheelers. This unique helmet gives a 360 degree view of the road which enables the rider to be extra safe.

This optical element is connected to smart devices via the Bluetooth, which in turn gives the complete route map of the complete journey. This device can be controlled with the help of hand gestures and also with the touch pad provided near the visor. There are a lot of electronics embedded in the helmet inorder to give a precise view of the surrounding.

What are the components in this Helmet?

An augmented reality helmet contains a processor, AR display screen, input device, and MEMS sensors like accelerometer, compass and GPS. In turn it is connected to devices like smartphones and computers.

The system can be integrated to helmets by allowing users to make more choices of helmets and simply attaching this system to it.

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