Things You Dint Know About Ancient India’s Contribution to Science and Technology

Spiritual, science and culture. These words might be highly unconnected, but they are much related as sides of triangle. Without any one, the identity would not be there.

What humankind needs is humane and progressive culture on Earth, where spiritualism and scientific development go hand in hand.

From time immemorial, this land has been known as BHARAT, a Sanskrit word that signifies a man or a nation immersed in knowledge what is today called as a knowledge society.

In the course of the colonial rule Indians have learnt to ape the West.

A person who has spent 15 years of life in learning the Vedas is seen as uneducated by the society and also by the person himself.

Hence, to reach Indian hearts and mind is through the idea and proofs of west.


Mortality on this earth is very old. In ancient history, there have been periods when our culture was highly advanced – spiritually as well as scientifically.

In India science and spirituality have always gone hand in hand, the society was

directed by highly evolved rishis (sages),these sages, were great scientists who knew of environment friendly and limitless resources of energy.

Indian civilization is one of the oldest civilizations that is still alive and pulsating.

An in-depth degree and balanced study confirms that there was not a single field, secular, or spiritual, where our sages (scientists) have failed to dive upon. The great sages of ancient India have left behind priceless legacy of astounding proof of the excellent intellectual levels of our ancestors.

The source of scientific knowledge in Indian Ancient History is Vedas. The Vedic civilization, according to ancient scriptures was at much higher level of development than our modern society. They contain information of all aspects of human life and its surroundings. Sanskrit is the language of Vedas which means KNOWLEDGE, is the source of many other languages.

So, what kind of knowledge are we talking about?

Architecture – Sthapatyaveda

Astronomy and Astrology – Khagola Shastra/Jyotisha-shastra

Chemistry – Rasayana Shastra

Civil laws – Niti-shastra

Etymology – Nirukta-Vedanga

Grammar – Vyakarana-Vedangas

Mathematics – Shulba Sutra

Medicine – Ayur-Veda

Martial arts – Dhanur-Veda

Politics and law – Manu Samhita

Philosophy – the Upanishads, the Vedanta-sutra

Town Planning – Vastushastra

India has the knowledge but, are they aware of this knowledge?

We hope to enlighten, while attempting to answer them in most logical and scientific way. There is hope to get new outlook and new dimension to all the readers into the journey into India’s past and arise full benefits of her scientific heritage

We at Gyanpro plan to cover the above topics and some other interesting topics with relevant reference and proofs in upcoming blogs.


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