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Plants and their kingdom always have amazed us. It plays a very prominent role in food chain. Well, I don’t have to tell how important plant are. Directly or indirectly the green life has always been protecting and maintain balance of life in earth. As a source of nutrition and health and as a scavenger by purifying the gases. There are some unbelievable facts about plants.

  • 90 percent of the foods human consume come from just 30 plants
    • The human diet plans and ideas have been restricted only certain plants. During the early man period, more and more edible plants were discovered. These set of plants became the routine in the food habits. And this continued all till date.


  • 68 percent of the plants species are in the stage of extinction
    • Urbanization has ruined and destroyed habitats of many plants. The declined cultivation habits have caused the extinction of so many plants with high medicinal values too.
  • Majority of Earth’s forests have been destroyed
    • We all are well aware of the adverse effects of mounting population and urbanisation. Most of the original forests have been cleared by the man. Man’s greed is endless. Destruction of forest lands are one of the results that greed. This destruction has an undeviating effect on the flora and fauna existence.


  • Earth has 80,000 plus species of plants that are edible
    • As we already know that count of edible plants being consumed is less. Deforestation may also be a reason. And there are certain category of plants that are native to only some countries. Lack of information about the species hinders humans from experimenting on newly found plants. And some plants are available in seas and oceans which makes its availability challenging.
  • Plants have senses
    • Just try talking to plants. According to Dr.M S Swaminathan a leading green revolutionist has proved that plants respond to external reflexes. Researches have proved that plants grow faster when played soothing music around it.
  • 70,000 plus plant species are used for medicines
    • Plants were the only medicine available centuries ago. Plants are great source of medicines. They have these prominent chemical compositions and compounds that are essential for treating many disease. Even till day plant products are consumed in regular basis for maintaining equilibrium of health.
  • Plants are dependent on other insects and animals
    • Pollination is a process of reproduction in plants. Some plants undergo self-pollination. But majority of plants are dependent on insects and animals. Yes, insects and animals help in the pollination of plants by carrying the pollens required for pollination.

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