How Was The Earth Formed?

Image of earth taken from satelitte

Ever wondered how big the Universe could be? The universe is beyond our imagination! So big that we can’t even think of it. Earth is the only planet in Solar system that supports life. Our planet Earth is like a very small star in a very big sky. No other planet has the favourable environment which would help in the survival of living beings. In this big Universe, there might be some planet somewhere already existing or being evolved which would have the living conditions for existence of life. As far as the knowledge of human mind, till date, earth is the only such planet.

The birth of the planet Earth holds a very long history behind it. Even the formation of Solar system is dated back to millions of ages before when the Universe was undergoing various collisions, reactions and explosions. Force of gravity was strong enough to attract the big particles together. This brought the particles closer and closer. The forceful attractions of the particles lead to the formation of the Sun. The other planets of the Solar system are formed by the same process as the Sun.

Earth, the third planet of our Solar System, is also the result of an astronomical phenomenon. Just like other planets of the universe, the earth was formed due to collision of particles. In the universe, there are dust particles swirling around. These dust particles along with the clouds present, form nebulae. Nebulae resulted in the birth of Sun. the other planets, stars, moons, meteors, asteroids etc., all are formed in the same way and this only resulted in the existence of the planet that supports life!

earth formed from big bang

The age of Earth is said to be 4.54 billion years old. The Earth, billions of years before, was not a place to live in. The environment of Earth that time was not favourable for life to exist. The science behind the formation of earth was a big mystery until scientists researched and found out that it was because of nebula that the present day Earth was born. But things change with time and so the earth also changed.

In the past millions of years, the shape, structure, properties and features of earth changed. How do you think the dinosaurs, which lived long before humans came, became extinct now! The dinosaurs are nowhere to be seen now because of the changed climate. The environment became unfavourable for them to survive which shows that with the passing time, the Earth did undergo through various transformations. 4.6 billion year ago, when the nebula and other cloud materials collided among each other, they formed a cluster. The size of cluster increased with time, leading to the formation of a bigger rock like substance.

earth formed from big bang-2

4 billion years ago, the earth was boiling with heat. There was no oxygen with poisonous substances all around. The harmful ultraviolet rays were continuously falling on Earth. There were volcanoes erupting the whole time leading to formation of mountains and landscapes. The only thing found on the earth with no atmosphere was water vapours.

image of earth i its first few ears

The heat stored within took billions of years to cool down. With the time passing, the particles settled down. The decrease in temperature led to the condensation of vapour to liquid forming oceans, lakes etc. Algae was formed over water this algae underwent through the process of photosynthesis to produce oxygen- the need for survival. Oxygen formed ozone around the earth preventing the penetration of harmful UV rays.

The process continued till date and d present day earth was formed when the Earth became a place to live in with less volcanic eruptions, newly formed continents, environment around and with the life giving, non-poisonous sun rays. The transfiguration of earth is still happening with temperature increasing, creatures evolving, etc.

The Earth, for its creation, underwent so many things and it is still going through various transformations. No one knows for how long the Earth will survive. At present, the earth is midway between its creation and destruction. There is a lot more to happen to the earth. Every new generation coming up sees a new face of the earth. Research is done and new assumptions are made for the existence of our planet. The earth is expected to stay for another few million years. After those years, maybe there would be another planet similar to earth that would support life and mankind will continue existing!

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