10 Creative ways to break TV habits of kids

Nowadays kids just while away time with their gadgets. The smarter the gadget, dumb are the people becoming. Diverting kids from watching TV has become a great challenge for parents.

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Television is the menace that everyone loves to hate but can’t seem to live without.” —Paddy Chayevsky.

I always feel TV is responsible for the arrogant behavior of kids. Nowadays kids are just addicted to TV and other gadgets. This makes them less exposed to outdoor activities. Such TV addict children tend to develop introvert characteristics. They won’t have many chances of interacting with people. They eventually fail to understand their surroundings. The TV addict just not makes them mentally weak but physically also it does.

Such TV addict kids develop obesity, fatigue, and restlessness. Have less energy.

Physical and mental effects on kids are as follows:-

  • Develop obesity and fatigue
  • Possess less energy
  • It may result in risky behavior in later stages of life
  • They develop the nature of copying whatever they see. (For example, if your son watches the wrestling matches regularly, he will try to implement that on his younger siblings)

Here are 10 extraordinary tips to break your kid’s TV habit.

  1. Involve them in other activities: It’s always a good idea to involve your kids in extracurricular activities. Look for some sports or for any educational programs. Always keep them occupied. Sports is the best option to keep them mentally and physically fit.
  2. Limit their TV time: Make sure to plan their daily activities. Limit the number of watching hours. If not immediately gradually decrease it. But make sure you don’t take immediate actions. Everything should happen slowly.
  3. Be involved in their life: Have all updates about your child’s day to day activities. They should develop a habit of informing everything to you.
  4. Set an example: As a parent, you will be your kid’s first role model. They always follow what they see. Your behavior will have an immense impact on them. If they see you involved in reading books. Eventually, they develop that habit too.
  5. Go for excursions: Take your kids for picnics like visiting the zoo, museums, botanical gardens, etc. Visiting such places helps them to open up. It creates a social responsibility. Travel in different modes of transport. Adventurous trips once in a while are always recommendable. Allow your kids to explore surroundings.
  6. Regularly reward your kids: Set a reward for reducing the TV time. Eventually, they will reduce TV time at least for the reward. Progressively they will incline in your path.
  7. Talk to them and explain: Make your kids aware of the effects of watching TV. Let them understand how it affects their life.
  8. Pose challenges: Set some challenges for the. A healthy competition among their siblings. Set some drawing, writing, a small game kind of challenges. Always have their minds away from the thought of TV.
  9. Cut TV connection: If your kid is not following your words just cut the cable connection. This will have a good impact on the family.
  10. Improve family time: Spend good quality time with your kids. Play with them. Get involved in their activities. Help them out in projects.

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