This story is all about Mr. White’s daughter, Sandra White, who was unable to see her father as he died at war when Sandra was just at a young age. Sandra grows up happily even without a father. The story continues when Sandra is at the last day of college and has unknowingly got a special power.

The last day of college for the 7 th years didn’t make a difference for the teachers to continue teaching. After the 2 nd hour, in recess, Sandra felt very hot insde. She felt as if some power was pumping up in her blood. Some hot power. Then she saw tiny sparks coming from her hands. Sandra ran to the washroom and tried washing her hands, but it just got worse. So, she
also tried wiping her hands with tissues but the sparks got even worse, so she just wrapped her hands in bandages which helped a little and stuffed all her belongings in her bag and ran home. Sandra went to her mom, and before she could tell anything,
“Sandra, you’re back so early? I – “Mrs. White said but Sandra interrupted-
“Mum I’m early because- “Sandra said
“Sandra that’s not such a nice- “
“Mum my hands are on fire!!”
Mrs. White shocked but calmly unwrapped the bandages to see Sandra’s hands on fire. Then Sandra narrated her story. Then Mrs. White said concernedly “You’ve got super power!! Now we must stay calm. Now try to burn that pile of papers. Go on.” Sandra did as directed to leave ashes. They exchanged glances. The mother and daughter were working hard to try to control Sandra’s extreme fire power as Sandra was burning almost everything. Then after 3 weeks of hard work Sandra was able to control her powers easily. Then one day soon after their achievement while they were having supper, Mrs. White told her daughter-

“Skip along darling, you’re ready to help the world!”
“No, I’m not!!!”
“Then what will you do with it????”
“Do with what??”
“Your power”
“I’ll just hang along with it.”
“No, no sweetie, listen- “
“I’m listening”
“I think you’ve been gifted this power, so make a good use of it. Do you get me??”
“I understand you, but I am not gonna go roaming the world shooting fire for people’s dumb uses” Sandra said. This statement had hit Mrs. White hard. But she simply replied, “Do tell me when you do change your mind.”
“I sure will” Sandra said, and left the table. Mrs. White sighed and said, “I never knew Sandra also had this angle” and
started to clear up the table. This last statement of Mrs. White’s made Sandra think about what her mother had said most of the night. Then Sandra pulled out her sketch book and started scribbling on some figures. The next morning, Sandra went to
her mother and said,

“I’m very sorry for what I said last night mom”
“I’m glad you apologized. What’s that?” Mrs. White said, pointing to Sandra’s sketch book which she was holding.
“Oh.” Sandra said and showed her mother all the figures she was drawing the previous night which happened to be the costume (along with a cape), symbol, and name she had made to help the world.
“FIRE GIRL, nice name, so you changed your mind.”

This story continues to show Sandra White helping the world with her gifted power. Whereas, on the other side Mrs. White was indeed very pleased to every day see on the telly something around the lines of – FIRE GIRL TO HELP THE WORLD.
Since fire is something that we use to keep warm, Sandra took the advantage of this statement and used her power of fire for this very use. She used her fire in many ways to help her world. She used her fire to dry the newly placed tar roads. She always had a watch on people camping just in case their grilled stove was spoilt. People also say that the spark from the smallest fire is what enables an engine to work. So, if anyone’s vehicle has stopped, fire girl to the rescue! Well Sandra also checked in garages. The main use for fire is for warmth. So, in winter Sandra would always go to each and every house, no matter rich or poor, and start a fire for warmth every day.
Fire gives light. And light is used in the dark. So whenever a storm or heavy rain, Sandra would go to each house and start up the fireplace and leave. But there always was one thing that Sandra kept thinking of-
“Wish father was here to see this all”

Actually, her father was up there, seeing it all, and thinking-
“Wish Sandra knew it is her father who has gifted her this power.”



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