The Truth About Composition And Structure Of Atmosphere

LayersEarth is popularly known as envelope of gasses. Have you ever wondered what would happen if this envelope did not exist? There would be no life. Scary isn’t it!

These gaseous layers are boon for earth and life in it. It’s just not one layer, but they are composition of multiple safety blankets. Life is safe and secure under these safety blankets. There are 5 gaseous layers around the earth atmosphere. Each layer has different composition, chemical reactions etc.

Starting from top to the lowest of the layers arrangement are as follows:-


Exosphere is the topmost and very thin layer of the earth’s gaseous blanket. It is the first filter to safeguard atmospheric life. This layer is the beginning of space. It lies about 10,000Km above sea level. Exosphere is composed heavy molecules like hydrogen, helium etc. It has free moving and low density particles. At this layer all the atoms and molecules escape to space. Below exosphere is the thermopause.EXOSPHERE


Thermosphere is 600km above the earth surface. It is an extremely thin layer and has very high temperature of 3,600°F (2,000°C). The speciality of this layer is that the temperature increases with increase in height. The temperature at the lowest is about -184°F (-120°C). The temperature variations in thermosphere is due to its absorption capabilities.

This layer is water vapour free. Inspite of this high temperature, lack of molecules protects skin from damages. The low density molecules accounts for this temperature inversion.

Thermopause lies in between the boundary of thermosphere and exosphere. It is found between 500km to 1000km.

Thermosphere filters most of the X-rays and UV-rays emitting from sun.

There is also visibility of special phenomenon like AURAS. It is caused due to the energy from the colliding atoms and molecules.THERMOSPHERE


Third layer of earth’s safety blanket is the Mesosphere. It is around 50km above the earth surface. The mesopause lies at 80-85km above sea level. Temperature in this layer is very less i.e. around -120°F (85°C). There will be cloud formation due to the low temperature. These clouds are so dense that it is visible to naked eyes from the earth surface in the presence of sunlight. It is in this layer that meteors burn before entering the earth surface.MESOSPHERE


Stratosphere is situated about 11-48Km above the earth surface. It consists most of the ozone of our atmosphere. Ozone layer absorbs UV-Rays emitted by the sun. This causes increase in the temperature. And as the altitude increases the temperature also increases. The atmospheric condition is quiet stable compared to other layers. Jet powered aircrafts usually access this layer. 32°F (0°C) is the highest temperature of stratosphere. All the aircrafts, aeroplanes and air balloons access this layer. Just not that, even some of the birds fly in this layer as the temperature quite comfortable for life.STRATOSPHERE


This is the lowest and the closest layer to earth surface. It commences from the earth surface and is extended upto 12km above sea level. The height of troposphere is not even, it varies from poles to equator.

Troposphere consists all moisture and vapours. It is also composed of essential gasses like nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and few other gases too.

It is the atmospheric conditions of this layer that decides the climatic condition of earth.TROPOSPHERE

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