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Be the change you wish to see in your child

It’s incredible that life changes quickly, and it’s positive if you let it. Children grow up quickly, and in these growing years, they tend to pick up skills, behaviors, mannerisms from the environment around them.  Commit to your memory that your children learn by example. If you wish to see a change in them, you must be that change, and you can start today. Parents are life transformers, hope creators and an intrinsic motivator, that a child can have. As parents, raising the alarm at the right time is much essential. Your observations lead to a better understanding of the

Prime Minister of India’s clarion call to embrace science

PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA’S CLARION CALL TO EMBRACE SCIENCE                                                                  (Source: On 28th February 2018, India celebrated National Science Day, a day on which the much revered, Sir C V Raman, discovered the Raman Effect in 1928, for which he was awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930. Wishing the whole nation on this occasion in his monthly address through ‘Mann ki Baat’, Prime Minister Narendra

Sci-Fi Creative Writing Competition 2018 Results

Over 200 young children participated in Sci-Fi Contest. Congratulations to all! This year’s theme invited children to reflect on the topic. Junior Category- “Imagine if you got a super power and how will you use it to help the society” Senior Category- “If you were to invent something; what would have you like to invent? What would you named it? Also how is it going to help the Mankind?” Super Senior Category- “As we all know that we have 5 sense organs in the human body. Imagine you have got a 6th Sense Organ!! What would it be? What will it help us in? Judges were impressed by the


This story is all about Mr. White’s daughter, Sandra White, who was unable to see her father as he died at war when Sandra was just at a young age. Sandra grows up happily even without a father. The story continues when Sandra is at the last day of college and has unknowingly got a special power. The last day of college for the 7 th years didn’t make a difference for the teachers to continue teaching. After the 2 nd hour, in recess, Sandra felt very hot insde. She felt as if some power was pumping up in her

A Whiff of Pure Air By Pranay Mathur

‘To invent is to provide the world a new means to enrich their lives’. This is a quote unheard of by anyone. This is because we prefer to stick to the old quote ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ and do not try to delve into the hitherto unexplored world of invention-related quotes. Oh well, or maybe this is because I just made this quote and that is why you would have never heard of it. But that’s beside the point. The point is, what will I invent? A quote? Nah. Oh, I know! If I were to invent something,

Boundless Urge for Astronomic Learning For Kids IN Bangalore

Our universe always has something exiting for people who want to know about it. Children always find it very exciting to know new stuff related to our universe. Just not for kids, for parents too. There are so many unfolded mysteries in the world. I am sure many of you have doubts regarding it but are struggling to find solutions for it. Amazing astronomy short course is the solution to justify your impulse towards astronomic learning. Gyanpro astronomy club helps you find the answers for all the unknown mysteries of the Universe. Channelize your interest and excitement in a correct


It was the cold chilling winter morning, when I was just to wakeup but suddenly something happened and everything I can see was of deep black colour . My room was all black, and I started my space adventure right there. I had a robot toy, which was my space tour guide in my dream that time .We both can see many beautiful scenes out in the space, I can see my planet earth, I can see the big sun, various galaxies and can see everything shiny and beautiful out there. My robot’s name was Goldy. He guided me to


I suddenly felt myself sweat as I woke up; the whole spaceship was heating up considerably. That had never been for good. My intergalactic space shuttle is modeled to mimic the conditions externally to give the inmates an idea of the planet they were nearing. I had slept through most of the transit. Doctor leery had warned me about the dangers of intergalactic travel. I had been travelling in low-mass, customized craft that has sate of art technology used for tunneling in space-time. I had stared at alpha century where we saw a star at the other end of the

My Adventures through the Galaxies By Praneeth Bommisetti

Most important time for the planet, planet’s core reactor was stolen, without the core reactor the planets core will blast because of the unstoppable force present in the core, there is only three more days left over before the plant will melt down occurs as the core reactor is not present. The core reactor is made of rarest metals in the solar system which were Frominum, Laratic, Zopier and Korpier .Each metal is present in different planet. So the government selected a team for space exploration to find these metals and collect them; the team consisted of me and two


Hi friends, One night when I slept in my room I had a dream that I was in the galaxy, there I came across different types of galaxies like spiral, lenticular galaxies.It was scary, when I woke up; I was surprised to see that I was really in galaxy surrounded by stars, asteroids, meteoroids, planets etc…. I went to the planet mars and it was fully red in colour, there I saw many volcanic mountains and aliens, they were so weird and funny but they were talking in a different language which I was not aware of. Suddenly the ground