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Are you raising Food-Smart Kids?

Fostering a child to be intellectually sharp and emotionally healthy is what every parent yearns to. Parents make every effort to provide all the luxuries to their children. In spite of all this, initiating healthy food habits amongst children remains one of the biggest challenges. You and your family can develop a positive relationship with healthy food. Few decades ago, food was not only scarce but the choices were limited. But with improved economy, we have an abundance of food supply and to add to it we have various cuisines to our menu list. But nutrition and a healthy diet

Teenage Crush! How can we help our children deal with it?

Crush! Infatuations! Love! Joyful words Right? Run down your memory lanes and recollect your first crush! I am sure you still get Goosebumps!  So now your teen has started noticing and taking an interest in the opposite sex, and you are worried about how to deal with it. Many questions might be haunting you as to how to explain to your child: What exactly is a ‘CRUSH’? How long does a crush last for? Is it time for us to hit the panic button? With the effect of Globalization and modernization, children are exposed to various cultures and ethnicity. Things

Dussehra: The story forward…Victory over negative emotions

Dussehra or Vijayadashmi, a popular Hindu festival is celebrated all over India.  It is believed that on this day Lord Rama killed the demon King Ravana and rescued his abducted wife, Sita. This day symbolises the victory of good over evil. Dussehra is observed differently in different parts of the country depending on the legend believed in each region. Nuclear families, away from ancestral homes coupled with fast-paced lifestyles, at times keep us away from following our age-old traditions and festivals. And the questions that usually arise: Are we Celebrating Festivals, the Right Way with our Children? Are we engrossed

Life lessons to be taught before your kids enter teenage

“Youth managed, is future managed”. It’s a challenging phase with bodily changes, academics goals to be achieved, social challenges and family dynamics to be managed. A smooth transition to adulthood for your child is your task on hand. How to equip the child with the right skills is a vital aspect of parenting. In a fast-changing competitive world, endowing our children with a right set of life skills and emotion management will lay the best foundation. You’ve heard such stories before: The child who excelled in high school but dropped out of college. Children resorting to parents support to get

Influence of peers on children; what you need to know.

Buddies, bro, dude, friends… Your children are amongst them most of the time. Childhood friendships are cherished for life. There is a special feeling about childhood friendships. Children love the company of their age group and mingle with them soon. Neighborhood or in school, children make friends. They influence their behaviors, attitude and values. In the fast changing world, the word peer pressure has been sliding down to school going children too. Peer pressure has been reported as one of the significant challenge faced by modern parents. Peer pressure may have a positive impact or result in negative experiences. You

8 ways to build Financial Quotient in your child

It’s quite evident that, one who manages his Money matters well succeeds in life. Money management is the backbone for the success of any person, corporate or nation at large. Money management has to be taught to the children consciously. It is an excellent decision making skill. As responsible parents are we enriching our children’s mind with the right value systems towards money? Value seeding is a vital part of conscious parenting and value for money is an essential aspect of raising independent children. Over the years, as a nation, our spending culture has been restructured. Traditional theories of economics

Festive Season: Best time for bonding with children. But HOW?

Accept it! You love festivals and holidays associated with it. Kids are eager to enjoy their midterm break while celebrating festivals. Festive season is fast arriving; let’s see how easily and happily we can use this opportunity to impart values and culture to our children. Leading a hectic lifestyle in metropolitan cities, festivals come in as a reason to rejuvenate and prepare for celebrations. The enthusiasm of the festivals attracts the children and makes them eagerly wait for it. The tender minds seek for memorable and enjoyable life experiences, and festivals are a source of enriching experiences. Festivals: What they

Value Seeding in children; Why and How?

Every parent desires to bring up their children as responsible, trustworthy, loving, kind-hearted and amazing people. Good education backed by strong values will make this happen with both of them carrying equal weight. Why imparting values is crucial? Values help a person to grow, to develop, to build up character, to build and maintain good relationships. Values assist in developing a strong personality of your child, in turn minimizing the possibility of having them go astray.  It reflects a person’s character. Values are a part of our thoughts and feelings which are reflected in our behaviour. When at the point

The Fine Art of Disciplining your children

Discipline is to impart knowledge, values, and skills. It is a way of life and a golden road to success in whatever you do. Inculcating discipline right from an early age helps children pick up the ideal form of following rules set by the family. The Role of Rules Every family is unique and has its own inimitable way of life. Family dynamics play an important role in instilling discipline as a way of life. For the smooth functioning of a family, values, culture and way of life stand as a strong foundation. They provide a nurturing environment and establish

Fostering Self-Esteem in Children

Whether as adults or as children, we constantly judge ourselves. The quality of this judgement decides the level of self-esteem we have. Self-esteem is a measure of how we value and perceive ourselves. It is a judgement on ourselves. Feeling less worthy about oneself can hinder our lifestyles and slow down our growth process. Self-esteem can be described as a combination of feeling loved and capable. With a balanced self-esteem one can have a happy and successful life in all aspects, be it school life, relationships, academics, family, profession, etc. Self-esteem fluctuates as a child grows. It is frequently changed