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Regular Things that completely change in space – The Gravity of the Situation

Ever wondered? Most of the Universe is pretty empty — that’s why we call it “space” — Lol, sounds literal right? But most of us have not thought about it that way. If I were to magically transport you someplace randomly in the cosmos, the chances are you’d be a million light years from the nearest substantial object. Evolving on a planet has warped our sense of physics. If I throw an object away from me, it comes back. That’s bizarre! It should just keep going, moving away from me at a constant speed. Instead though it goes up, slows,

Did You Know This Interesting Facts about Mars?

Mars is the fourth planet in our solar system if we count from Sun. It is also the second smallest planet in solar system and it appears red in color due to the presence of iron oxide on its surface. Mars is sometimes referred to as red planet and it got that name from Greek god of war. It is very difficult to observe mars, even with very large telescopes, because of its small size. Mars is much smaller in size as compared to our planet but its surface area is approximately same as that of Earth. Gravitational force on

What is the most fundamental building block of this Universe?

For many years we believed that matter is made up atoms. Atoms are thought to be the fundamental indivisible particles and building blocks of everything. But then in 1897 J.J Thompson discovered electrons in cathode ray experiment. After that many atom model were proposed and new particle such as protons and electrons were discovered. But later it is discovered that even protons and neutrons can be divided to even smaller particles known as quarks. Each time when a new particle was discovered, it leads to more questions. We always believed that there always something incredible yet to be discovered. There

Unsolved Mysteries of Science

Scientific research has answered a number of questions that were unknown to the humanity. We have studied about the very small things such as structure of atoms and also about very huge systems like Milky Way. We created new machines which made our life easier. Science and engineering have done a lot of good things to humanity and solved many mysteries. This articles not about such success stories but instead about what is not known to us. There are always something incredible things to be discovered. Here is a list of such unsolved mysteries in science. Protein folding Problem Proteins

Swatchh Moon Abhiyan?

There are many things that I don’t like about we people; the humans. But I hate one most common character of ours. We humans have a bad tradition of leaving junk items wherever we go. If we go to mountain, ocean, forest… wherever we go we pollute that place by putting waste over there. One interesting fact is that, we have done this junk business even in the Moon…! Humans went to moon and polluted there also. Yes, there is poop on the Moon…! You might be familiar with the heroic Apollo space mission that has taken two humans to

Know All About the ​A​mazing ​P​lanet Pluto

Which is the smallest planet in our solar system? If you had asked this question before 2006, I would have said that it is Pluto. But now the answer is different. When scientists discovered Trans Neptunian Objects (TNOs) of similar size as compared to Pluto, they told Pluto cannot be considered as a planet anymore because of its smaller size. So from 2006 onwards Pluto is been considered as ‘Dwarf planet’. But I don’t think Pluto will be sad about. Instead of being considered as smallest planet, Pluto is now considered as the largest Trans-Neptunian Object and also the second

5 Free Essential Health Apps That Everyone Should Try

Health is wealth & happiness is having good health. But have you ever thought, about mobile apps that could save, & keep your life healthy. Yes!! Phones can do much than take pictures, check mails, & listening songs. And there are few mobile apps that are promising & help you in betterment of human safety. Here are list of the Free Emergency health apps that can assist you in emergency, help in finding nearby first responders, Ambulance-finder apps, medical emergency alert apps, & possibly life saving apps. Give them a try to see good changes in your lifestyle. VMEDO: VMEDO

My Adventures through the Galaxies By Arnav Kumar

My name is Rakesh, and I am an astronaut cum scientist. This is the story of my intergalactic journey. It was the year 3104, when ISRO and Roscosmos decided to send the first manned mission to the celestial body, Vostov, in the Axion galaxy. This was the first time a manned mission to the Axion galaxy was going to take place. I was pretty excited when I was selected for the mission, as it had been my long cherished dream to visit another galaxy. My mate was a Russian cosmonaut Nate, The rocket in which we were going was the

Science In Our Daily Life, You Probably didn’t know The Reason Behind !

We all are well aware that every day and every minute we are surrounded by Science. But, seldom people make an effort to know what the hidden science behind daily life happenings is. And am sure you will be just amazed to know the science behind these everyday things. Why does egg harden on boiling? Egg contains 33 percent fat and 67 percent protein in it. This protein rich egg white causes the egg to harden when boiled. But why does it happen so? When eggs are heated the proteins in the egg white are unfolded due to break of

Hubble Space Telescope: A Fantastic Aid For Viewing Outer Space!

Have you ever thought how universe would look? Do you think we can view whole of the space just with the help of a Telescope? It is highly impossible to view the outer space with Telescope. Ever since the launch of satellites, rockets etc. have made it possible to take images from the space. When Galileo used to view objects from his ground telescope, he always had an urge to view deeper. But the deeper sight was not possible with his Telescope and that is when scientists decided to launch telescopes in space. Hubble space Telescope was a telescope launched