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10 Scholarship Exams Every School Going Student Should Know About

There is no better insurance in the world than a good education. Scholarships and awards are a great monetary support and excellent confidence booster for students. Prestigious awards won in the school days will offer social recognition and they stand out when applied for colleges or jobs. Here are some of such Prestigious scholarship exams that you should never miss out! SEATS – Scheme for Early Attraction of Talent (SEATS) SEATS is a national level scholarship exam organised by Department of Science and Technology under the name of INSPIRE (Innovation in Science and Pursuit for Inspires Research). ELIGIBLITY Open for


Competitive exams are like a positive push for students towards their excellence. Academics should not be the only focus of students. They should always have an external outlook. Real excellence is when the academic knowledge is used efficiently to get through competitive exams. These exams provide very good support to student by offering scholarships also. It’s always the rewards which keeps you going in positive direction towards your goals. Preparing for competitive exams helps in finding out the scholastic talent in students. It is about helping your child be the best. It builds up positive spirit among students and gives