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A NIGHT IN THE BLACK HOLE: A ROBOT’S NIGHT OUT – by – Harshith Nandhaa – Sci-fi Creative Writing – 2020

WELCOME TO Harshith’S Creative Writing Article Winner – 2020 – Junior A NIGHT IN THE BLACK HOLE I didn’t understand! I slept like a normal boy with five fingers and looking at my favorite Milky Way poster. But now, I have read cylindrical wrists, a speedometer, a chronograph, and a robotic voice. At least I have my brains with me. I try to speak but all I can say for now is “My name is XF030509” and “My programmer is Eon Dostchev of the Roscosmos”.  When I look around I see some… no, a lot of stars. I know it

The space explorer – by – Rahul M.R – Sci-fi Creative Writing – 2020

WELCOME TO Rahul’S Creative Writing Article Runner up – 2020 – junior The space explorer  Hi, I am Rahul and something very fortunate has happened for me. It was a trip to space! Isn’t it exciting? You too will want to go to space after getting to know how my journey went. What are we waiting for? Let’s begin!  As usual, when I was dreaming as if I was an astronaut and I saved everyone on earth by blocking an asteroid that was coming in full speed to earth, something was missing. Usually, in the end, I hear the screams

Aliens, one o’clock – by – Krishna. S. V – Sci-fi Creative Writing – 2020

WELCOME TO Krishna’S Creative Writing Article Winner – 2020 – Senior Aliens, one o’clock Being the very down to earth fabulous psychologist I am, I won’t mention in my interview with that Mason woman tomorrow any of the twelve awards I’ve received, including one from the POTUS himself, and another from—  I look away from my trophy case as my nine-year-old daughter enters my bedroom, carrying our pet dog Bruno.  ‘Honey! Who was at the door a minute ago?’  ‘Miss Mason. She is upstairs at the balcony, and she wants to do the interview now.’  ‘What?’ I cry out, getting

The Blue Surfer – by – Zahan Navroze Printer – Sci-fi Creative Writing – 2020

WELCOME TO Zahan’S Creative Writing Article Runner up 2020_Senior THE BLUE SURFER  My name is Zahan Printer. I graduated from Oxford in the field of Quantum Mechanics and was fortunate to be working with an elite team at NASA to help prove the theory that black holes do emit radiation. Today, I am the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics because of my extensive research on Blackholes. This I attribute to my alien friend, the “Blue Surfer”.  It all seems like yesterday…It was a cold night in December, I was burning the midnight oil trying to solve a very

Somewhere in Time – by – Lekha Satnur – Sci-fi Creative Writing – 2020

WELCOME TO Lekha’S Creative Writing Article Runner up – 2020 – Super senior SOMEWHERE IN TIME “So who was it?” a voice asked from somewhere. I jumped out of my skin as I spun around. Words died in my throat as I saw who was standing behind the portal. “Dr. Rick….I..uh…”. The scientist looked at me sternly, “ that was one of the most complex and most secured programs of the century”, he said slowly, “I want to know how you did it”. I stood there, frozen in fear. Did my parents know? My heart was in my throat. “Well?”

Multiverse Travel – by – Rithvik Subramanian – Sci-fi Creative Writing – 2020

WELCOME TO Rithvik’S Creative Writing Article Winner- 2020 – Super senior MULTIVERSE TRAVEL I opened my eyes from a blackout looking at a huge library in front of me. As I was probing myself as to why I ended up blacked out in a library, I just realized that I was at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. As I gathered my thoughts, I figured out that I had time-traveled back to 28th June of 2009 to meet Professor Stephen Hawking. I had gone 11 years back in time to attend Stephen Hawking’s champagne party. So, after regaining