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Tanishq | GyanPro | Greenizen Workshop

Tanishq is a leading jewelry brand and a popular household name in India. Since 2013, Tanishq and GyanPro have promoted Science Education and community development through various Science workshops, Environmental Awareness programs, and other customer engagement programs. Together, we have conducted more than 85 such programs impacting thousands of lives. Keeping this tradition going, both the organizations have once again come forward together with another such workshop during these uncertain times. PLANET EARTH IS HURTING! The problems facing the environment today are plenty –  Carbon dioxide levels today are higher than at any point in at least the past 800,000

Yamini’s – Sci-fi Creative Writing 2020

WELCOME TO Yamini’s Creative Writing Article Hi, This is Yamini from grade IX residing in 2020.. My Passion is to know about scientists and their inventions. Hey, maybe you guys are knowing about Dr.Rick- The Famous scientist who invented Time Machine..He Stays next to my home..Often visit him and gather information about science, scientists, and his discoveries. We are very good friends. The moment I heard about the time machine I couldn’t suppress my curiosity, so at that instant, I ran to his house cum laboratory. As I reached his home, the door of the house was wide open as

How we beat the Purple diamond that gave Covid 19 to humans – by – Aarav Ranjith – Sci-fi Creative Writing 2020

 WELCOME TO Aarav’s Creative Writing Article How we beat the Purple diamond that gave Covid 19 to humans  When I opened my eyes after an awesome dream about a space adventure I couldn’t  believe what  my eyes were seeing. I was surrounded by  darkness amidst the beautiful milky way galaxy. At First I thought this was a dream. I pinched my cheeks to get up but I was wrong. It was real.  I thought this was great opportunity to make my  dream come true. I was just thinking how good would it be to go on a space adventure as

THE ALIEN INVASION – by – Akankshya Santosh – Sci-fi Creative Writing – 2020

 WELCOME TO Akankshya’S Creative Writing Article THE ALIEN INVASION One fine day I was sitting at home and feeding my dog, Tom when suddenly the weather became so hot that I could feel the sweat trickling down my face.  Tom was getting bored at home. So I decided to take him for a walk. But when I opened the door, I could feel an unexpected cold breeze go past me. It seemed strange since it was hot the whole day. But when I opened the door, I felt someone go past me, or maybe I was feeling sweaty so the

Rewind – by Akshya Subramanian – Sci fi Creative Writing – 2020

WELCOME TO Akshya’S Creative Writing Blog  Rewind The sun glared through curtains I wish I had closed the night before. I dodged its wake-up call for another five minutes before stumbling downstairs, vision still fuzzy with sleep as I rubbed my eyes. Downstairs, I saw my Dad settled in a black leather armchair, reading his daily newspaper with surprising intent, a smile on his face. He glanced up when he heard me coming downstairs, face beaming with barely restrained excitement. He beckons me over. “It’s your uncle, Rick! Isn’t that great?” He held up the newspaper for me to read,

Search for the Aperion of the Bermuda triangle – by – Ananya Vikas Rao – Sci-fi Creative Writing – 2020

WELCOME TO ANANYA’S CREATIVE WRITING BLOG  Search for the Aperion of the Bermuda triangle It was a dull and gloomy day as I woke up from my bed yawning, soon heard my mother yelling from downstairs and perceiving me to wake up. I rubbed my eyes and glanced at my alarm clock I noticed it was eight and jumped up from my bed running towards the bathroom presuming it was a school day next minute recollected that school had been canceled due to the outbreak of coronavirus thus being the first day of summer vacation. My mother continued to yell