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Search for the Aperion of the Bermuda triangle – by – Ananya Vikas Rao – Sci-fi Creative Writing – 2020

WELCOME TO ANANYA’S CREATIVE WRITING BLOG  Search for the Aperion of the Bermuda triangle It was a dull and gloomy day as I woke up from my bed yawning, soon heard my mother yelling from downstairs and perceiving me to wake up. I rubbed my eyes and glanced at my alarm clock I noticed it was eight and jumped up from my bed running towards the bathroom presuming it was a school day next minute recollected that school had been canceled due to the outbreak of coronavirus thus being the first day of summer vacation. My mother continued to yell

A SPACE ADVENTURE – by -Sharanya Sagarika N – Sci-fi Creative Writing – 2020

WELCOME TO Sharanya’S Creative Writing Article   A SPACE ADVENTURE I was asleep, wearing a spacesuit, floating in the middle of space all alone. Just then I woke up, not to the sound of my mother calling me, but to the sound of an asteroid banging on a rocky surface. I was surprised to see twinkling stars around me. But why was I floating in space all alone???  I said to myself “I am not a scared cat I can do it”. There came a strong pull from my left. I was totally confused. I looked to my left and

CHRONOSPHERE – by – Vishal D Rajesh – Sci-fi Creative Writing – 2020

WELCOME TO Vishal’s Creative Writing Article CHRONOSPHERE  My name is Marty Cooper and I am probably responsible for your reality. How, you ask? Let me back up.  It was a cold winter day…  I wake up to the sound of Back to the Future’s theme music. Switching off the alarm, I look at the calendar. 8th December. Pretend to be a time traveller day. Chuckling, I get dressed. Outside my father is reading a newspaper.  “Oh that crazy Dr. Rick asked for you. something about a time machine…. I don’t know why the men want you on a Sunday. If

A blast through space – by – Tushar Vivek – Sci-fi Creative Writing – 2020

WELCOME TO Tushar’s Creative Writing Article A blast through space  One day I woke to the blinding lights flashing right at my face. I opened my eyes to find myself in a spaceship. I was out in the space and I thought that it was a perfect time to have an adventure.  I started the engine and I was off. After travelling for some time, I reached Mars. I landed on the planet to find everything looking so dead. Even though I knew that no one had ever found life on Mars, I wanted to investigate for myself. While I

Neptune Adventures – by – Tia Sara Prakash – Sci-fi Creative Writing – 2020

WELCOME TO Tia Sara’S Creative Writing Article Neptune Adventures It began like a normal day, it was seven in the morning and my mother was asking me to get up but I did not, because it was a holiday. When I got up nearly an hour later, I was surrounded by darkness and I could see millions of bright stars. It was a wonderful sight.  I realised that I was dresses in an astronaut’s suit and I was on an unknown planet. It was raining diamonds and I knew that it rains diamonds on Neptune. I was terrified. What are

The Mysterious Hole – by -Shreyas Agarwal – Sci-fi Creative Writing – 2020

WELCOME TO Shreyas’S Creative Writing Article The Mysterious Hole ‘I woke up in the morning surrounded by darkness which was illuminated by the twinkling stars in space.’ Ah! I remember. Hello, I am Captain Sham. I am a well-known scientist in The Space Travel company which has been running for the past 1000 years, and by the way, I live on planet Zyke and it is the year 2095 here. Through intergalactic space travel and quantum physics, we have figured out a way to reach the Milky Way very fast, as we are in the galaxy Tuxedo which is 3000

Alien‌ ‌Annihilation‌ ‌Interrupted‌ – 2020 – by – Prisha Mathur – Sci-fi Creative Writing – 2020

WELCOME TO Prisha’S Creative Writing Article Alien‌ ‌Annihilation‌ It was a day of celebration. After two weeks of grueling exams, our young minds were free from the burden of studies as our final exams finally ended. The minute the invigilators collected our answer sheets, my classmates and I yelled out loud. We rushed to our buses and decided to meet at five in the evening. I skipped back home and enjoyed a leisurely lunch. After lunch, I delved into the Hollywood world and then lost myself in the fascinating world of elves in my favorite book, Keeper of the Lost

SUPEREON-THE LORD OF ANDROMEDA – by – Prabhanjana P Hegde – Sci-fi Creative Writing – 2020

WELCOME TO Prabhanjana’S Creative Writing Article SUPEREON-THE LORD OF ANDROMEDA SPECIES AT FURION: FURION: It is a super-earth which is present in the C2-53 system of the intergalactic center of Andromeda. It is from 7347*1034 kg. SUPREMES EMPIRE: It is one of the mightiest empires in the universe. It is present in the planet of Furion.   BLUE SUPREME SPECIES: It is a species that is formed by a blue hypergiant (a star type) and they are eligible to be the Lord of Supremus Empire of Furion. This species measures 74 feet. A single Blue supreme species is formed every 5

SPACE ADVENTURE – by – Pavni Gupta – Sci-fi Creative Writing – 2020

WELCOME TO Pavni’S Creative Writing Article SPACE ADVENTURE An astronaut is a person who travels in space to recover about missions. They have many responsibilities. Typically it is a pilot who leads the mission. Astronauts must have to handle stressful situations that may arise during the mission. Astronauts have special gear called space suits that they use when they must leave the safety of their spacecraft. These protect them from very cold and very hot and they are able to breathe. Some famous astronauts are as follows- Neil Armstrong, Kalpana Chawla, etc. The word astronaut comes from Greek words ‘’Astro

Space Explorer – by – Ojas Bhat – Sci-fi Creative Writing – 2020

WELCOME TO Ojas’S Creative Writing Article   Space Explorer I live in Bengaluru and was going to write my annual examination when coronavirus (COVID-19) came to India and spread rapidly. Hence lockdown was done so that corona could decrease a bit. I was in my home trying to kill the time mostly by playing with my sister. So, my mother scolded and told me to clean the storage room in our house. That was the most horrible thing I have ever done, as there were spiders, its webs and dark all around. With a reluctant mind and because of respect