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Stupendous Physics of Gymnastics

Every happening in our surroundings has science and mathematics involved. Every sport has its own calculations and techniques. It is very important for a sports person to understand the science of their game inorder to successfully complete it. If not understood these science gists, then the sportsman can end up with injuries. Specifically talking about Gymnastics which encompasses lot of maths and physics for performing this act. Without correct calculation and technique it is not possible for a gymnast to perform it the right way. Athletes performing these gymnastic acts are just wonderful to see, but the performer has to

The History Of Explosives

SHLOKA: Angarasyaiva gandhasya suvarcilavanasya ca | Silaya haritalasya tatha sisamalasya ca || Hingulasya tatha kantarajasah karpurasya ca | Jatornilyasca saralaniryasya tathaiva ca || Samanyaunadhikairamsairagnicurnanyanekasah | Meaning: Explosives are prepared in different ways by mixing in varying proportions of fire, charcoal, sulphur, red arsenic, potassium nitrate, lead oxide. Yellow arsenic, steel powder, vermilion, lac, camphor, turpentine and gum. Source: Sukra-nitih, Chapter 4, Section 7, Shlokah 194-196 Sukracaryah (8th Century AD) Etymology: Agni + curnam = fire + powder = Explosive Harita –> Haritalam = Yellow pigment = Arsenic Suvarci + lavanam = Hydrated + salt = Potassium nitrate. Ancient Theory According

Mood Rings:Can Mood Change Colour?

Humans are filled with various emotions. Happiness, sadness, joy, anger, stress, tension, fears, love, etc. There are endless emotions a person can feel. In fact, there is not even a single moment when a person can be emotionless. Emotions play a very important role in our day to day life. Our mood changes with our emotions. Sometimes, it the moods of a person that can spoil the things or make things happen. Think of a situation where you would be able to know how the person is feeling. In what mood he/she is. Wouldn’t that be great! Before the situation

13 Inventions That Showed Indians Were Extraordinarily Clever

India holds great pride of giving great scientists and their inventions have played vital role in shaping our modern world. Just not in one or two fields but India has provided impeccable contribution in all the fields like Astronomy, Medical, Mathematics, Science, Economic, Political sciences, Cartography, Architecture and many more. India boasts the history of having many famous inventions and discoveries that changed the world. Here are some of the world changing inventions and discoveries that are universally accepted but the origin of inventions still remain unaware to many. Prefabricated home and movable structures It was in 16th century during

The Electrifying Life Story Of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla exemplifies a unifying force and motivation for all nations in the name of peace and science. He was a true inspiration for all his contemporaries in the field of scientific research and development. We all owe a lot for Tesla’s research which played a very vital role in shaping modern world. Tesla’s life story is no less than inspiration to every science enthusiast. Let us just rewind the early days of Tesla and see how his life was moulded as a scientist. Nikola Tesla a Serbian-American engineer and physicist was born on July 10th 1856. Tesla developed interest

Meet The Latest Four Elements Of Periodic Table

I am sure that each one of you would have dealt with the periodic table atleast once in your lifetime. Periodic table is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of Chemistry classes and chemistry labs. Few faced difficulties in remembering elements of periodic table and the properties of elements, but it was an easy task a few people. If you think you know all the elements in the periodic table, then you should be revising it now. IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) recently announced the addition of four new elements in the

6 Modern Technologies That Were Actually Invented In Ancient time

We have heard a lot about modern inventions and technology. Little did anyone tell us that many of the modern technologies are either modification of existing technology or technology which was invented in ancient time. Ancient inventions and inventors did not get the fame because they never did things for their benefit. Inventions they did would always be a solution to some problems. These solutions come out with mere hard work, intelligence and creativity. And there was no patenting as such in those time. It just shows how selfless those people were. Here are a few modern technologies which actually

Secrets You Will Not Want To Know About Alpha Centauri The Closest Star System

A clear sky with stars all around, isn’t that beautiful to see? The black and clean sky filled with diamond like sparkling and twinkling stars is something that no person can stop admiring. It is indeed, one of the most beautiful views of nature. The size of the Universe is beyond our imagination. Our earth is just a very small part of it. From the earth, we see uncountable stars around. It is impossible to count them. The stars in the sky look very small. But in real, these tiny looking stars are million times bigger than what we actually

Why Are The Windows Of Aeroplane Round In Shape?

When we were kids, we were taught that while drawing, make the windows in square shape. After some time, we noticed that even in real life, the windows are made in square or rectangular shape. The rooms, houses, vehicles, etc. have windows of square or rectangular shape. But when you would have travelled in a flight, certainly there is one thing that you would have noticed. The windows of airplane are not square shape but it has curved ends. Everyone would have given a thought to this question at least once. The field of aeronautical engineering has developed a lot

10 Common Science Myths That Most People Believe In

There is no gravity in space In fact there is a lot of gravity in space. People generally feel there is no gravity on moon because usually astronauts are seen bumping on the surface of the moon. Astronauts usually appear weightless on moon since the moon is orbiting earth. It appears like they are falling towards earth meanwhile they are walking sideways. Basically they are always falling but never landing. Gravity is virtually present all over the space. It clearly proves that there is gravity in space. Lightning never strikes the same place twice There is a very common myth