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Have you ever wondered how your TV remote works? How is that you are able to switch channels being seated at a place? It is always so fascinating to learn about the devices you use in daily life, isn’t it? The link between the TV and the remote is the infrared rays. If there is any obstacle in the path of this IR rays, the instrument does not function.           How is Infrared used in communication? Infrared (IR) communication allows devices to communicate with each other in a short-range. Infrared or IR as the name goes

10 common fallacies & misconceptions about biology!!

Human have blue coloured blood in veins      In reality, there is no blue human blood. The misconception is that the oxygenated blood is red and the deoxygenated blood is blue in colour. And thus veins carry blue blood. But the fact is that the veins carrying deoxygenated blood appears blue from the skin surface. Light from outside illuminates veins to appear light through the layers of skin. It is not the colour of blood which is blue. The fact is oxygenated blood is dark red in colour and the deoxygenated appears a little lighter red than the oxygenated blood.


What is EMI? EMI is a phenomenon in which an electric current or electromotive force is induced in the coil due to a magnetic field produced in the coil. Michael Faraday is the scientist behind the invention of electromagnetic induction. Though Faraday was first to publish this but it was discovered autonomously by Joseph Henry. This electromagnetic induction is dependent on Faradays Laws of a magnetic field. Faraday first proved this electromagnetic theory by winding copper wires to both ends of the iron rod. He explained this theory using a concept of lines of force. What is Faradays experiment? Faraday


Bluetooth is one of the wireless technologies for the sharing of data over short distances. This short link service using radiowaves was initiated by Nils Rydbeck CTO at Ericson mobile in Lund. In 1998 the Bluetooth technology was adapted and it kept on evolving to date.  Bluetooth is managed by Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). The data transmission was done using the radio waves of ISM band 2.4 to 2.485GHz.   Even before we get to know how Bluetooth functions let’s see its timeline of evolution from the time of its invention to date. 1998: The research was completed and

Layer of Earth ASTHENOSPHERE !!

ASTHENOSPHERE The asthenosphere is one of the layers of earth lying below the lithosphere, approximately 80 to 200km beneath the earth’s surface and is a part of the upper mantle. It is made up of a layer of solid rocks. It has so much of pressure and heat that these solid rocks just flow down like liquids. These asthenosphere rocks are less dense than the lithosphere. This factor accounts for the movement of tectonic plates in the lithosphere to move on the earth’s surface. The temperature defines the thickness of the asthenosphere layer. As the temperature increases, the pressure exerted

10 Creative ways to break TV habits of kids

Nowadays kids just while away time with their gadgets. The smarter the gadget, dumb are the people becoming. Diverting kids from watching TV has become a great challenge for parents. “Television is the menace that everyone loves to hate but can’t seem to live without.” —Paddy Chayevsky. I always feel TV is responsible for the arrogant behavior of kids. Nowadays kids are just addicted to TV and other gadgets. This makes them less exposed to outdoor activities. Such TV addict children tend to develop introvert characteristics. They won’t have many chances of interacting with people. They eventually fail to understand

How to encourage good study habits without nagging!

Let’s accept it — kids dislike homework. They probably procrastinate indefinitely if a parent didn’t intervene. The only issue is that our prompting perceived as nagging yelling, both of which don’t support the desired outcome. Parents desire that their children develop effective and efficient study skills to achieve desired outcomes. However, many a time our positive-intended efforts turn out to be arguing with aggression and an unhealthy conversation thus forming ripples of negative energies around and a disturbed state of mind. If study time is turning out to be a battlefield, your child is getting cranky, and you get labelled

Mould your child into a blockbuster through movies.

Read on if you have children up to age 14… Ever wondered if movie watching with children can be easily combined with introspection, value building and an enlightening learning experience for children? Watching a movie at home along with your child is less challenging as compared to other key parenting techniques like reading a book or getting a child involved in a creative game. Movies are an ever welcome activity and children are easily attracted. The reason being movies stimulate all the three vital sensory receivers for storing information in the brain; i.e. Visual, Audio and Kinaesthetic (VAK). These sensory

Is your child an Underachiever – There is hope here!

Are your child’s academic scores reducing? Is your child’s lack of interest in studies bothering you? Are you witnessing deteriorating academic scores consistently for past 2 to 3 years? Are you endlessly concerned about your child’s future? Have you ever thought what your child is going through? Your child, in spite of having a potential to achieve much more, is not able to achieve desired results? A child, who is consistently having low grades for the past few years, is a point for further probing; may be an underachiever. Parents! Watch out! An underachieving child is an enormous problem in

Are you raising Food-Smart Kids?

Fostering a child to be intellectually sharp and emotionally healthy is what every parent yearns to. Parents make every effort to provide all the luxuries to their children. In spite of all this, initiating healthy food habits amongst children remains one of the biggest challenges. You and your family can develop a positive relationship with healthy food. Few decades ago, food was not only scarce but the choices were limited. But with improved economy, we have an abundance of food supply and to add to it we have various cuisines to our menu list. But nutrition and a healthy diet