An Adventure In Space By Yash Patil

I wakeup in the morning not to the screams of my mothe rasking to get you ready for school but surrounded by darkness with is illuminated by the twinkling stars you can see the complete expensive galaxies and all the beauty contains I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Words could not describe the ecstasy I saw. Let me rewind: I was surrounded purely by star and far away planets. I could see flying comets and their beautiful tail. I hovered in space for quite sometime. I felt eye spinned on me, but I could not tell where they came from, until a brave little star approached me. It said with its high pitched voice, “ Hello, young one. What brings you here?

It had no mouth, no one that I could see.

I don’t know. I don’t remember anything. Could you help me? ”was my reply.

Oh, Isee. You are one of them. We were told to take you there. Please follow us. ”

I grab hold of the star. Some others formed a perfect circle in the vacuum and started spinning. The circle was then filled up with something light blue. Some white spots appeared and disappeared here and there. The star I was holding onto suddenly launched forward in to the tunnel, bringing me along withit. I quickly shut my eyes for some unknown reason. It just seemed like a natural thing to do; or rather I ’ ve been watching too much television.

I opened my eyes to find a dry deserted land. The ground looked like it has been in drought for years. The cracks in the red land were huge. There were so many of them. Smalle stone I could see was one that possibly could be half ameter, more or less. I jumped a bit to get some stamina up, but surprisingly, I launched up higher than my own height. It didn’t look all that hard to jump over the miniature canyons, but looks can be deceiving. I leaped forward, but the gravity was too low, I almost fell into the crack. After a few more leaps around, I mastered jumping from land to land without the risk of falling into the cracks, but then again, I could jump out of the gaps oh so easily because of the lack of gravity. Before I knew it, I had gone so far away from where I originally stood. Still no sign of life insight, I attempted to jump the highest I could. I did. It really felt like I was soaring through the sky without any thing holding me down.

Regrettably, the rereally was no thing to hold me down. I was too far off the ground for the weak gravity to pull me back. I began to drift away from the bare planet and into the deep infinity called space. Suddenly, I felt something tugging on the back of my moss green shirt. I looked back and got curious. It was something long, pink and sticky-looking. My eyes followed the long tongue-looking rope and saw the end of it. To tell you one thing, it sure was an end; an end of an orange skinned alien with four eyes, two sticking out with stalks and the other pair below the stalks. Its tail,my savior , reeled me back onto the ground and set me down. It opened its mouth, but all I could hear was blabbering, like someone trying to sing and drink a gallon of water at the sametime. I looked up at it inquisitively. Without warning, it turned around, picked up its tail and whacked me right in the fore head. The strike made me step back a few steps. I rubbed my forehead and felt something. When I set eye son him again, it had opened its wide mouth in as mile, talk about grinning from ear to ear. Its tongue was very long and enormously wide, but the size of it didn’t catch my interest. What intrigued me was its tongue’s surface. It was silver and polished like glass, but mostly, my reflection was on it. I could see my body, top to bottom. It was showing me its portable natural mirror. It was very bizarre, but for some reason, I feel like laughing till my stomach aches.

I held back the hysteria and went forward to the ‘mirror’ .As I walk closer to the alien, it looked like it was getting bigger, but that was not the case. With its mouth wide open and its tongue sticking out, it looked like it was about to gobble me up in one bite. I hesitated for a moment but decided to continue my walk forward. I looked closely at my forehead. The round stamp was clearly visible. I this a weird symbol on it.

I trolled back its tongue and started talking again, but this time, I could understand it. “Hello, little one”, he said, “what brings you here?” he gave me a friendly smile.

“I-I don’t know, myself.”

He thought for a second, “Let me show you something,” he bent down and touched the ground with his hand. He had no fingers. “Imagine are d wood tree”. He lifted his arm and there it was, the small bud of a new tree. He continued staring at the baby tree. I was as tarnished, the bud’s growing rapidly. It grew bigger, higher and much wider. When it was thrice my height, it started growing leaves. Its complete growth ended gradually, leaving me speechless.

Grinningath is success, he said to me, “Go ahead and try it. ”

I mimicked his movements and imagined an apple tree. I removed my hand and the tree bud was there like it was supposed to be. I stared attained imagined it growing healthily. It did. Apples growing bright red, some were still green. It looked quite impossible as it was a big healthy tree growing in the middle of a deserted dry land. I picked an apple and bit into it .It was crispy and juicy and absolutely delicious.

It he continued growing bushes of berries and even grass and flowers. It looked like Paradise Island. I giggled and enjoyed myself. But after a while, the apple tree turned brown and wilted.

The plants die quickly, so we only grow them when we need them. Their life span is very short, but that’s not a problem for us as we can grow as much as we want with no predicament.

This is wonderful. What is this place called? ”I asked, excited.

My people are called Ji’ Ru. This place is Trile. It is a very small planet on the ring of Saturn” I stared, wide eyed in disbelief. He waved his hand up and down in front of my face to catch my attention back. You’re a human from earth right? When these humans you call scientists examined Saturn, they never detected us. And I believe you call us aliens, is that correct? ”

Deep in thought, “Yes. But this place now is very different from earth. It ’ s like Paradise Island. On earth, we’re experiencing climate change and natural disasters are happening more and more. ”

You can stay here if you want. It’s up to you. ”

I don’t see how that’s not possible, “I said with a smile, “considering I don’t know how to get back home.”And at that exact moment, a circle appeared in the sky and a star came out of it.

There you are. I’ m sorry but before, you held on to the wrong star. It appears that it has brought you through the passage which leads to Trile. My apologies let me set everything back. ”Before I got a chance to say anything, it shone brighter and brighter. I squinted my eyes. When I opened them again, I was star in gat the ceiling of a hospital. I was lying on the hospital bed with an oxygen mask and multiple tubes stuck into my arms. I remembered walking on the side walk in the busy city. The smoke from car exhausts was more than usual, and had caused my asthma attack. I wonder what would’ve happened if I grab hold of the right star, but I can’t change what has been done. A tear escaped. May be if I held on the right star, I would’ve been to heaven and didn’t have to suffer on this world anymore. But who knows, I can’t predict what would’ve happened; nothing is written on stone.

Author’s Details

Name – Yash Patil.

Class – 9th

School – St. Xavier’s High School, Bangalore.



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