Aeromodelling Activities For Kids In Bangalore

Learn the art of designing, building and flying various models of airplanes and helicopters. Aero modelling workshops, summer camps and short courses are the ones for children who would love to learn flying and the science behind it. This kind of deeper study about any one particular subject can be achieved by attending workshops and beyond academics courses.

Gyanpro Aeromodelling club has uniquely designed STEM curriculum. The STEM extra-curricular activities are most preferred now a days. Beyond academics is always a plus point and acts as add on for the academics. With lot of hands on activities and DIY’s included in the curriculum the kids involved in such activities will surely enjoy learning. It becomes like an edutainment program and not a boring class. This course is also designed to scale these handmade models to real life counterparts to understand how they work.

Children now a days want something new and something they donnot know. The Aeromodelling short course is designed in such a way that children taking up this course are aware of the subject but donnot have a deep insight about it. So the hands on activities and DIY’s along with parallel teaching of the subject upsurges their enthusiasm.

Engaging children in aeromodelling activities always builds up interest for science. It is always important to encourage kids to involve themselves in hobbies. Science summer camps are the right place where hobbies and interests can be enhanced. And aeromodelling workshops and beyond academic courses always enhance the scientific thinking in them. Regular expeditions to museums and other such outbound activities are add on in such clubs. When they are exposed to such activities they tend to get many doubts like why it happened? What happens next? How will it happen? Such questions just start exploding in their minds. It is only when they get such doubts and enthusiasm they are going to learn. Aero modelling workshops acts like a support and solve all their doubts and questions both theoretically and practically. But such kind of teaching and learning approach may not be available in the traditional school teachings. Beyond academics is what sharpens the IQ of your child.

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