A Whiff of Pure Air By Pranay Mathur

‘To invent is to provide the world a new means to enrich their lives’. This is a quote unheard of by anyone. This is because we prefer to stick to the old quote ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ and do not try to delve into the hitherto unexplored world of invention-related quotes. Oh well, or maybe this is because I just made this quote and that is why you would
have never heard of it. But that’s beside the point.
The point is, what will I invent? A quote? Nah. Oh, I know! If I were to invent something, I would invent … a vehicle which would purify the air! I would call it … (drum roll) ‘The Air purifying vehicle’! (See? Creativity showing its true colours!). No, wait. People can question me on the originality of the name (because the name is so awesome that people will think it
was plagiarized). So, unfortunately, I would have to change the name. There goes the brilliant name from where it came. Oh, wow! This rhyme could lead me to fame. So, if I get a better name for my invention, I can forget all my tension, and my creation could be worth a mention.
So, how about the ‘air cleaner’? Or ‘The air suck-clean- thrower’? I know! I’ll call it ‘A Whiff of Pure Air’! Now all that needs to be decided is what should it do? Purify air? Obviously. But how? Wait, I am thinking. All right, I got an idea.
The contraption would be like a vehicle with seats for two in the front, and a huge cavity filled with filters and a turbine at the back, closed and sealed apart from two exhaust-like- structures protruding from the back. In the cavity, there would also be a small fan like machine, whose chief role would be to create low pressure in the vehicle. The vehicle would run on the energy produced by the turbine, and not on diesel or petrol. So, when we insert the key and turn it, the fan starts rotating and creates a low pressure, thereby sucking the air in.
Now, the question must be arising in the minds of the marvels who haven’t fallen asleep by now that if the vehicle does not run on any fossil fuel, then when we put the key in the slot (the term is ignition, but we cannot use it as there is nothing to ignite) how does the fan start? That is easily answered. The answer is … witness the power of magic! Just joking. So, there are many gears connected to the key in the slot (hereupon, I am going to call it the ‘start button’). When we put our key in the start button and turn it, the gears start moving. The gears are connected to the fan, and the gears are placed in such a way that whenever
they are rotated even the slightest, they will make the fan move. Fine? Awake now? Okay, let’s continue.
So, when the air is sucked in, it moves the turbine as it rushes to the fan, which is creating the low pressure. The energy thus produced by the turbine is utilized by the vehicle, making this vehicle a ‘green’ vehicle. After moving the turbine, the only thing left standing in the way of the air is the three-layer filter, consisting of the pre-filter, the deodorizing filter and the true HEPA (stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter.
The air passes through the filters, which relieves the air of the pollutants, with the result that the air is now clean. This clean air now enters a tube which is connected to the other exhaust, and this air is discharged into the atmosphere. This cycle continues, and results in cleaner, fresher air. People fall prey to many diseases due to the innumerable pollutants and
contaminants present in the air. This vehicle can clean the air and rid it of the various pollutants. This will provide pure air for all to breathe, reducing the health hazards faced by people.
Now there is no need to cover you face with a mask as soon as you step out of the house. You can always wear your best smile as you walk happily down the street. These vehicles will revolutionize outdoor breathing and will befriend every nose. There will be a number of them in each city, constantly on the move, providing citizens with clean, healthy air. On
each vehicle, there will be a slogan in big, bold letters,

“Your illness needs a cure,
It needs air that is pure;
We are doing that for sure,
Your future we secure!”

Pranay Mathur
Class 8A
CHIREC International School


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