It was a hot sunny day, the sun was blazing like fire. I dread heat and cold equally. But once on an exceptional hot day, I had to remain outdoors on work. I started at eight in the morning, when the heat was somewhat bearable. I had an adventure waiting for me, I packed my necessities and was off in my BMW i8.

After a few hours, I was in front of NASA. I went inside and changed on to my space attire. My mission was unbelievable yet incredible. I could hear the moon rover getting ready. My mission was to find the lost moon. The moon had been missing for the past 2 days, I am off to mars as it was found to have 1 new satellite. I put on my seat belt, the rover took off in 5 mins. 1..2..3..4..5 off I go, it was amazing. I was able to see the galaxy so close, what a beautiful sight.

I was about to reach mars, I could see a space pad in mars, I am going to land. There I am in mars, I walked a few kms and found a big kingdom of people with strange horns in their heads. I had the alien visa with me so I was allowed inside. The mars queen enquired my name and my planet. I told her that I had come in search of our moon which was lost. After hearing what I said, the queens expression changed, I could see a sense of fright in her face. She called her guards to throw me into the dungeons, I was tensed and I protested. She at last commanded the Martians to leave me, she told she will tell me about moon only if I fight and win the mightiest Martian.

I learned karate and got 7th Dan black belt last month. But the creature was looking quite strong. The fight began, the Martian was very strong, it could disappear and also turn invisible but at last I found that the creatures weakness was light. The moon light was coming in through the window, I somehow caught hold of a glass piece and held it in the front of the light, the mirror reflected light

on to the creature and it turned to ashes. The audience applauded, the queen had formed a sad face. She told that she had taken our moon, I asked her for the reason. She told that mars had 2 satellites, without 2 the planet cannot survive. The wicked king Steve of Jupiter had stolen one of their satellites so for urgency she stole our moon. The king stole the satellites of many planets around the galaxy. The king had organised a competition where the winning planet will get their satellite back. As we were talking we came out, our moon had also been stolen. I got furious and was willing to participate the combat.

Myself, the queen and 2 other Martians were off to Jupiter in a space ship. We landed in Jupiter, I was astonished to see the sight in front of me, and there were a lot of different aliens, big and small. The competition was to be held the next day. I was getting ready and was exercising. The day had come, I was very much ready for the competition. We all assembled in the stadium. There were lot of mighty looking aliens. First it was an archery test, I had taken archery classes so I got qualified somehow. But a very few had qualified.

Next was the test of wits, the questions were quite tricky. 5 questions were asked.

The 1st was What do you desire the most? But when you get it, you are not

even aware of it?’, this was an easy riddle, the answer is sleep.

The 2nd was What does everybody know how to open, but nobody knows how to close?, this took me 2 mins to think but at last told that it was an egg.

The 3rd was It’s not the moon, its not the stars, yet it illuminates the fields. What is it?’ , the answer was very easy, it was a lightning bug but the answer was different for each planet residents but everyone were right.

The 4th was What is the first thing to go down from a ship before the captain

and before the passengers?’ , the answer was the anchor’.

The last riddle was, The more you take, the more you leave behind, who am i9?’ , this question was quite tough, many of them gave up but at last I along with 2 others got the answer. The answer was footsteps.

The last round was fighting, I was ready. First we were asked to fight among ourselves, the one who wins were given the final test. I won the fight by great difficulty. The Jupiter king arrived to see me, I gave an angry look to him. He sent one of his strongest jupitarian to fight me. He was very strong, it was a fierce battle. At last I threw him down and won the fight. He told that he will give back earth’s moon but I demanded him to return the satellites of all the planets. He got furious and refused me but I called him for a fight. He had lot of powers, he was able to disappear and emit fire. I was failing very badly. But suddenly I found myself surrounded by lot of other aliens, they had also come to help me. All of us fought the king together. We got him under our control. We forced him to give back all the satellites to its respective planets. He clicked a red button and all the satellites went back to its planets. The king was banished from the galaxy.

Everyone were delighted and praised me, the queen took me back to mars. I told bye and got into my rover after reaching mars. I took off and landed in earth. I was welcomed with great pomp. The moon had arrived back to earth and everybody were very happy and partying. It was a wonderful adventure, I wish another one is on its way.

Author’s Details

Name – R.Oshianaa.

Class – 5th

School – BVM Global @ Perungudi, Chennai.


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