5 Absurd Inventions That Could Have Changed The World

Pellegrino Ernetti

Scientists and their inventions are endless. We commoners are just aware of the published inventions. Don’t you think there are many things that world is left unaware of? Yes, there are many such inventions and scientists that did not bag the limelight and their contribution remained as regardless effort. There are 5 such lost inventions which could have accounted for a huge change in the world. Those tremendous inventions are :-


Starlite was invented by Maurice Ward an amateur scientist in the year 1980’s. This material was said to be so strong that it could even withstand a nuclear blast. Many of the internationally renowned organisations made a continuous effort to discover the hidden truth of Starlite but they were left with no clue as Maurice Ward had never given out the composition of Starlite. It had excellent property to withstand temperature as high as 10,000 degree Celsius. But as decoded by few other researchers the Starlite was a complex plastic which had about 21 organic polymers and copolymers along with the feeble quantity of ceramics. They did a few demos using Starlite in one of which they coated eggs with Starlite and those eggs remained raw even in 1,200 degree Celsius flame. In all such demos, Starlite was remarked as very light weight with no release of toxic fuels. And as the formula behind the making of Starlite vanished along with Ward’s death in 2011.



An ordinary auto mechanic Tom Ogle invented a carburetor in the late 1970’s. His special extraordinary device was said to give a commendable fuel efficiency of 42 km/L. The device was a vapour carburetor working under high pressure which could save a large amount of fuel compared to the traditional carburetor. When he was telling people about his invention people considered as the hoax. He then decided to present a demo to the reporters by driving 200 miles with just 7.5 litres of fuel. It was then that many oil companies where behind Ogle to purchase his product but he refused all the proposals. He did not want to sell his product because he always had a dream of designing his own car and selling it. Unfortunately, his dream remained a dream as he was shot to death in 1981 by an unidentified assaulterTom Ogle3. CHRONOVISOR

In 1950’s a Roman Catholic priest cum scientist named Pellegrino Ernetti from Italy invented Chronovisor which was a time viewer that could view all the past events. In common words, it was something like a time machine. Ernetti was a quantum physicist who was assisted by Enrico Fermi and Wernher Von Braun. This Chronovisor was a kind of cabinet which had multiple control setups that would decode electromagnetic radiations of past. But he did not have solid evidence to prove it. But then Ethernet’s functional Chronovisor was allegedly destroyed because people believed it to be ungodly.

Pellegrino Ernetti4. TESLA DEATH RAY

In 1930s Nikola Tesla established a “charged particle beam” weapon based on the theories of Van de Graaf generator. Tesla Death ray was also known as Teleforce. According to Tesla’s appeal “death ray” was so powerful that it could overthrow about 10,000 opponent task force airplanes that are at a distance of 200 miles. Tesla carried out the action of this Teleforce but the background of death ray formation was undisclosed. Researchers predicted that it might either be formed by laser or proto-railgun. Tesla feared the misuse of this weapon and thus denied to reveal its blue print. The death ray weapon vanished along with Tesla’s death.


Romke Jan Bernhard Sloot a Dutch electronic technician appealed to have developed a revolutionary technique for data compression in late 1990’s. He claimed that according to his proposed system it was possible to compress a large data of multi-GB to as small as 8 KB. “Sloot digital coding system” would enable him to play 16 movies at the same time by directly reading it from the microchip without copying it to the computer hard drive. In 1999 Sloot then demonstrated his product to Philips executives who claimed that Sloot would be paid a huge amount and thus would be the richest man on earth. But the irony was Sloot could never hand over the source code to the company as he was found dead just a couple of days before giving it. His algorithm could never be recovered as the demonstration chip tampered.

Sloot Digital Coding System

All these inventions would have definitely transformed today’s world. The present situation would have been far more advanced than it is.

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