10 unusual places on Earth that are scientifically interesting!

Do you think you think you are aware of every place on earth? Is your geographical knowledge high? You might be well aware of people’s achievements in reaching out to the most dangerous places on Earth. We get to know about such dangerous locations by reading some of the amazing success stories of people reaching out to the most dangerous and adventurous places on earth. Do you think man has touched all the greatest and dangerous places on earth? If you think yes, you might probably be wrong. There definitely are some real places on earth which is impossible to reach due to scientific reasons.

Here are some of such places that cannot be reached by man or can be very tough for survival due to scientific impossibilities.

  1. Shanay-Timpishka: The boiling river

The Shanay-Timpishka is a river situated deep in the amazon in Peru. This river is four miles long and is the most dangerous one too. The temperature of this river water is 196°C.  If any animal just slips into this river, then it is sure to get boiled alive. Why is this river water so hot?  It is possible only when there is any volcano nearby. And the heat from volcanoes and mixing of hot water underground makes the river water boil.boiling river


  1. Eternal Flame Falls, Orchard Park, New York

The Eternal flame falls is a small water fall located in New York’s Orchard Park. The very interesting and unusual thing about this waterfall is that, there is space under the water fall which shows up fire. The scientific reason behind the fire under a waterfall is that, there is lot of gas being released in the rocks of this waterfall.

The temperature around it is said to be as hot as boiling water and this hot temperature causes carbon breakdown resulting in excess releases of natural gases. But the fire under has not occurred naturally, it is manually being lit up. And this fire, once lit, can stand for a year.Eternal Flame Falls


  1. The Petrifying Well

The Petrifying well of Knaresborough, England is a very unusual well which has the super power to turn anything to stone. There was an age old blind belief that anyone or anything could turn out to become a stone because of their sins. There is nothing supernatural happening in this well.

The magic behind the petrification process is due to the high mineral content in water. Deposition of the dissolved minerals on the objects makes the object hard and looks like a stone statue. This phenomenon is similar to that of stalactites.Petrifying Well


  1. Blood Falls, East Antarctica

Blood Falls is located in East Antarctica. Water of this falls flows from the tip of Taylor Glacier onto the ice surface of West Lake. People don’t find it pleasant to see this water fall as the colour and appearance looks very disturbing. Actually the red fluid oozing out is iron oxide-tainted plume of saltwater. The insoluble ferrous oxides are deposited on the unfrozen salt water and when these ions get in contact with the atmospheric oxygen they undergoes oxidation reaction. This results in the red coloured fluid which looks like blood.Blood Falls

  1. Lake Karachay, Russia

Lake Karachay situated in Eastern Russia is known as the most radioactive lake on Earth. This lake is so polluted that it could literally kill you if spent an hour around it.

The Soviet Union dumped all its nuclear waste in this lake and this waste coagulation led to major problems for its surroundings. An explosion that occurred in 1957 led to massive spread of nuclear particles into the lake area of about 23,330km. Though remedies are taken to prevent further spreading of ill effects caused due to this lake, yet, it remains toxic.Lake Karachay


  1. The Ringing Rocks Of Pennsylvania

On a hill top in Pennsylvania is a land full of unusual rocks. There are no mountain ranges nearby to support that these rocks could have fallen from there. These stones are definitely result of some natural phenomenon. What is so special about these rocks are, every time you hit them you can hear sound like a drum kit. Wow! Nature is such an artist, isn’t it?Ringing Rocks Of Pennsylvania


  1. Movile Cave, Romania

Movile Cave is a cave situated in Romania. The atmosphere inside this cave is very different from the atmosphere outside the cave. The inner atmosphere is rich in Sulpher and Carbon dioxide. Level of Oxygen is as less as just 10% of the oxygen present in outer atmosphere. It is very difficult for a normal living being to survive in this Sulphur rich atmosphere. Yet, there are around 48 species living in this cave. And the chemosynthesis phenomenon is followed to maintain the food chain inside this cave.Movile Cave


  1. Magnetic Hill, India

Magnetic hill is situated near Leh-Ladakh in India. This special gravity hill has strong magnetic field which pulls all the vehicles uphill. And in case of aircrafts, they have to fly in a higher altitude to escape from this high magnetic field. There is a sort of optical illusion created in this place, wherein the vehicles and other objects moving on the hill appears as if they are rolling up the hill but they would be rolling downhill.Magnetic Hill


  1.  The Beacon of Maracaibo

Venezuela faces a terrible natural phenomenon called Catatumbo lightning.  This everlasting lightning occurs over the Catatumbo River where the entire Maracaibo River is emptied. Each year this place experiences around 250 lightning flashes per square kilometre. In the peak monsoon seasons there will be about 28 lightning flashes per minute.Beacon of Maracaibo


  1. Racetrack Playa, USA

Racetrack Playa is dry lake located in Death Valley of California. This place is well known for the sailing stones. People tend to correlate this unusual movement of rocksas a sign of negativity.  But the scientific reason behind it is that rain creates a thin water layer on the dry area and eventually this thin water layer forms ice over freezing. The ice sheets then develop cracks and break. The passing wind forces the ice sheets to move which inturn pushes the rocks over it. This how the rocks in the Death Valley moves on a dry terrain.Racetrack Playa





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