10 Scientists Who Sacrificed Their Life For Science

It is not an easy task to invent and discover something new. Atleast in the recent days we have all the support of books, internet and other sources to support the researchers to study well. But those were the days when there was no such external aid and support. They had to practically try out all the possibilities in their experiments. This process of research involves lot of struggle and hard work. Here are the list of great scientists who even lost their lives during their research.

  1. Marie Curie

Marie Curie has been rewarded for her immense work in discovering radioactive element. Marie along with her husband Pierre have worked day and night with highly affective radioactive elements. The radiations emitted by the radioactive elements were so harmful that she developed leukemia due to excessive exposure to harmful radiations.Marie Curie2.Galileo Galilei

Galileo’s name is prominently heard in all the studies related with outer space. He has made an immense contribution to the field of science by inventing telescope which made it possible to study the space and related objects. But irony was that his invention became his life threat. Galileo used to continuously watch celestial bodies especially sun. Excessive viewing of sun led to extreme damage to his retina which resulted in blindness during his last few years.Galileo Galilei

  1. Franz Reichelt

Franz Reichelt was famously known as the flying tailor. He had extreme interest for flying and also designed a suit for aviators. His main agenda was making suits which would act as life jacket for aviators. So he manual tried these suits by flying from tall buildings. He was successful with his idea and design.

This special suit was having a parachute along with the suite which would aid aviators land down safely. Even after several tries Franz Reichelt was not satisfied, so he decided to test it by jumping from first deck of Eiffel Tower. But unfortunately his jump from Eiffel Tower landed him at the death doors.Franz Reichelt

  1. Sir Humphry Davy

Sir Humphry Davy was a British chemist who had a very bad habit of inhaling and smelling the chemicals that he would use for his experiments. Due to this habit he suffered from numerous chemical poisonings, especially when he worked with anesthetic Nitrous Oxide.

He was inclined towards making explosions. Sadly he permanently damaged his eyes during a nitrogen trichloride explosion.Humphry Davy

  1. Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday joined Sir Humphry Davy as an apprentice. Humphry Davy had lost his eye sight by that time. Faraday and Davy went on making remarkable discoveries in the electro-magnetism. Irony was that Michael Faraday also lost his eye sight in a nitrogen chloride explosion. In his last few years he severely suffered from chronic chemical poisoning too.Michael Faraday

  1. Max Valier

Max Valier was an expert in designing liquid fuelled engines. He even experimented it with alcohol fuelled rocket engine. Irony was that he died in an accidental explosion while experimenting his alcohol fuelled vehicle.Max Valier

  1. Carl Scheele

Carl Scheele was a very intelligent and extraordinary Pharmaceutical chemist who made remarkable discoveries. He discovered many chemical elements such as Oxygen, tungsten, Molybdenum, manganese and chloride. But Scheele had a habit of taste- testing the chemicals he discovered. Because of this habit he developed chemical poisoning and died with mercury poisoning.Carl Scheele

  1. Alexander Bogdanov

Alexander Bogdanov was a physicist, philosopher, science fiction writer and a revolutionary. But he was a little careless about the things he did. Bogdanov started experimenting with blood transfusions. He was successful with 11 blood transfusions on himself. After these 11 blood transfusions Alexander Bogdanov declared that he improved his eyesight and ceased his balding.

After his 11 successful transfusions, he again did a blood transfusion on himself which opened his death doors. He died after this transfusion as the blood was infected with malaria and tuberculosis.Alexander Bogdanov

  1. Elizabeth Ascheim

Elizabeth Ascheim along with her husband Dr. Woolf were interested in working on Wilhelm Conard Rontgen – X Rays. Elizabeth gave up her job as a bookkeeper to work on the X-Rays. She eve bought X-Ray machine which she eventually moved to her husband’s office. She along with her husband did immense research on the x-Ray machine using themselves as their subject. But unaware of the consequences, Elizabeth developed severe violent cancer and died.Elizabeth Ascheim

  1. Sabin Arnold von Sochocky

Sabin Arnold von Sochocky was the first person to invent radium- based luminescent paint. While working on radium he had to encounter harmful radiations emitted from these highly radioactive elements. Eventually he developed aplastic anemia due to excessive exposure to radioactive radium.Sabin Arnold von Sochocky


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