10 Scholarship Exams Every School Going Student Should Know About

There is no better insurance in the world than a good education. Scholarships and awards are a great monetary support and excellent confidence booster for students. Prestigious awards won in the school days will offer social recognition and they stand out when applied for colleges or jobs.

Here are some of such Prestigious scholarship exams that you should never miss out!

  • SEATS – Scheme for Early Attraction of Talent (SEATS)

SEATS is a national level scholarship exam organised by Department of Science and Technology under the name of INSPIRE (Innovation in Science and Pursuit for Inspires Research).


Open for Students from Class 6th to Class 10th


Rs.5000/- is given to each student for making the project and the transportation cost for displaying the project in the exhibition is also covered by the conducting body itself.

Selection Procedure

Students are selected by the head of the school/institution and is enrolled into this program.

The project exhibitions will be held in District Level, State Level and National Level. After each level different project amounts will be released. As the level highers the competition also toughens.

And the best projects in the National Level will be awarded. The scholarship amount will be directly given to the awardee by arrangement with SBI.

Website: SEATS

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  • KVPY– Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana

KVPY was started in 1999 by Department of science and technology, Government of India. The main agenda of this exam is to encourage students to take up research in the fields of basic science.


Students in class-XI and class-XII of recognised institutions.


KVPY provides fellowship for KVPY awardees taking up basic science graduate studies.

For Bachelor in basic science studies they will be given Rs.5000/- monthly fellowship and Rs.20000 annual Contingency grant.

For Master in Basic science they will be given Rs.7000/- monthly fellowship and Rs.28000 annual Contingency grant.

Along with the fellowship, every KVPY fellow will be provided with identity cards to access National laboratories/ Universities for facilities like libraries, labs etc. which acts like a support for their research.

Website: KVPY

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  • The Velammal Science Talent Search Exam

The Velammal Science Talent Search Exam is a scholarship test conducted by The Velammal Educational Trust. It is an initiative to motivate and financially support the meritorious students to take up higher studies.


Students of Class 1 to Class 10 of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.


This exam mainly tests your aptitude and problem solving skills. The total prize amount is 4 lakh rupees which is given at six different levels.

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  • FAEA – Foundation For Academic Excellence and Access

FAEA scholarship exam aims at providing financial support to those meritorious students belonging to socially and economically disadvantaged section of society. Such kind of scholarships will definitely encourage students to not drop their studies because of their financial status.


This scholarship is based on the Class 12 results of the student studying in Indian recognised boards. And the candidate must be a permanent resident of India.

Website: FAEA

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CSIR award is an award given to school students inorder to motivate and encourage their intellectual property.


Open for Indian students below 18 years and must have enrolled in Indian school.


The students applying are based on the recommendation of school head. And from there applications are sent to the panel where the award winners are decided.

Total 30 prises will be given.

So the cash prize given are as follows

1st Prize – 1 Lakh rupees

2nd Prize – 50,000 rupees each for two candidates

3rd Prize – 30,000 rupees each for three candidates

4th Prize – 20,000 rupees each for four candidates

5th Prize – 10,000 rupees each for ten candidates


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  • NTSE – National Talent Search Exam

NTSE is activity organised by NCERT for students of various classes. It is one of the most popular examination conducted in India. NTSE was established in 1961. It is a scholarship program.


Class 10 students studying in Indian recognised boards.


NTSE provides Rs.1250 per month for 11th and 12th standard students. And Rs.2000 for undergraduate and postgraduate students. This prestigious scholarship is awarded to totally 1000 students every year.

Website: National Talent Search Exam

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Young India challenge is an initiative taken by Yourstory and Gyan Lab to encourage young minds of India to make their step towards nation building.

The selection process is dependent on the writings of the candidate.


Students from Class 8th to 12th.


Winners of the Young India Challenge will be awarded Rs.50,000. Participants have to face weekly challenge wherein the weekly challenge winners will be contesting in finals and one among them is declared the winner.


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  • AES – Academic Excellence Scholarship

AES is a Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) organised program for encouraging and promoting the all-round excellence of the students.


Students from Class 3 to 10


The scholarship winners should be the toppers in NCO (National Cyber Olympiad), NSO (National Cyber Olympiad) and IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad). Total 8 winners will be selected from each state i.e. one from each class.

The winners will be awarded scholarship of Rs.5000/- along with a certificate and a Trophy.

Website: Academic Excellence Scholarship

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  • AVIVA Young Scholar Nat Geo Junior Hunt

Aviva Life insurance and National Geographic channel launched the ‘Aviva Young Scholar Nat Geo Junior Hunt’ for the young brain who is smart, eloquent and intelligent. National Geographic channel mainly aims at providing a good platform for students to showcase their talents along with stimulating their earning experience.


Children of age 10-14 years from selected schools across India are eligible to be a part of this prestigious competition.


There will be around 4 lakh students participating every year. The test sessions are ranging from think tests to adventurous camps.

In the first stage the participant are supposed to give a ‘think again test’ at the school level. And in the next stage the students would be given challenges like debate, puzzles, Science games, think out of the box challenge and an adventurous camp. In simple you need to be an all-rounder to win this award.

The winners will be give an amazing opportunity to host Nat Geo Junior show for 3- months along with many gifts and awards from the sponsors.

Website: AVIVA Young Scholar

  • Tata Building India School English Essay Competition

Tata Building India School English Essay Competition is one of India’s largest and prestigious Essay competitions. And the subject to this competition will be related to nation building.


Students from class 6 to 12 from registered Indian schools.


This is one of the biggest initiative to motivate students to get themselves involved in nation building platforms.

Website: Tata Building India School English Essay Competition

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