10 Common Science Myths That Most People Believe In

  1. There is no gravity in space

In fact there is a lot of gravity in space. People generally feel there is no gravity on moon because usually astronauts are seen bumping on the surface of the moon. Astronauts usually appear weightless on moon since the moon is orbiting earth. It appears like they are falling towards earth meanwhile they are walking sideways. Basically they are always falling but never landing. Gravity is virtually present all over the space. It clearly proves that there is gravity in space.gravity in space

  1. Lightning never strikes the same place twice

There is a very common myth about lightning that it never strikes the same place twice. People have a belief that once a bad happens it is not intended to happen again. But this logic has nothing to with lightning.

Lightning is electrical discharge caused in clouds. Lightning always strike tall buildings and tall trees. It always favours these objects. It can strike at the same object several times unless the lightning producing cloud moves away from that position. So next time you observe the lightning striking at any object make sure you move away from that place.Lightning

  1. A penny dropped from a building can kill a person walking down

There is a very common misconception among people that a penny which is dropped from a very tall buildings like skyscrapers can fall on anyone and kill that person. There is a theory in science which tells that any object falling towards earth gains additional weight due to the gravity. So people jumped into conclusion that even a coin dropped from building can kill a person. But in reality it does not. The aerodynamics of a penny is not sufficient to be dangerous.Bulding

  1. There is dark side of the Moon

There is a general behaviour among people, they always consider only what is visible. This lead to a belief that there is darker side of the moon. Since only one side of the moon is visible from earth. But the fact is there is another side of moon which is not visible from earth. This happens so because the moon is rotating in the same speed as that of earth. Since there is parallel motion the other side is not visible.Moon

  1. The five second rule

Some myths are so funny and illogical. One of those is thee five second rule. Most of the youngsters have a common belief that any eatable when falls on ground it takes 5 seconds for the germ attack on that food item. So it means that it takes 5 seconds for food contamination. But in reality there is no such rule. Yes, the food fallen on ground gets along with germs on the ground. Eating germs is not always bad, they help in boosting immunity too.Germs

  1. Full moon affects the behaviour

It is an ancient belief among elderly people and people dealing with mentally sick people. The old aged people strongly believe that full moon causes variations in the mental state of sick people. They also believe that there is tidal behaviour caused in the fluids present in brain.Full moon

  1. Brain cells cannot regenerate

All the living cells have the property of regeneration. And of course brain cells can regenerate. There was an old theory in science which said complex cells would be disrupted by the new cells. But according to the new study proves that good brain activity improves the formation new cells.Brain cells

  1. Cracking your knuckles can lead to Arthritis

Did you know that cracking of knuckles doesn’t mean you are breaking your bones? Most people believe that cracking of knuckles can lead to arthritis. Crackling of knuckles means you are realising the air bubbles present in the between the bone joints. It is just an act of breaking or bursting the air bubbles inside. Synovial fluid acts as a cushion to reduce friction in joints, such as knuckles, elbows, hips and knees. The joint capsules separates when stretched which reduces the pressure leading to forming of a bubble in the dead space. Hence when this bubble breaks it makes audible pop sound.Cracking knuckles can lead to Arthritis

  1. The brightest star is Polaris

Whenever you think about brightest star its Polaris star that strikes our mind. There is common misconception among people that Polaris is the brightest star in Northern Hemisphere. In reality Sirius is the brightest star.Brighter star polaris

  1. Nails and hair grow after death

The biological activities in our body occur due to the food we intake. The food we eat helps in production of proteins and nutrients needed for the growth. Dead bodies will not have any metabolism activities, hence there will be no growth happening. Thus fingernails and hair will not grow after death.

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