Beyond Academics

Weekend Science Workshops

We offer a variety of workshop sessions on various STEAM topics.

The weekend series aims to inspire, foster dialogue, and show children that science can be fun even beyond academics. Our science workshops are practical and exciting as well as educational and intuitive. They are designed to make children be focused and determined. We have effectively created concise, capsulated and wholesome science workshops on various different topics so as to deliver the fun of science to the kids. We conduct classes regularly on weekends. Contact us to know more.

Science Expeditions


These are unique one or two day opportunities for children to discover what it means to be a working scientist engaged in projects that help protect, conserve, and make sense of the natural world. Expeditions include hands-on field research and a chance to get to know the people, culture, and natural wonders of a new part of the world. Discover how involvement in the real work of science can expand children's perceptions of science.