Science Activities And Hobby Classes For Kids In Bangalore

Hobby is not the activities you involve during free time but hobbies are the activities for which you make time even in your busy schedule. Pursuing hobby of their interest plays a very significant role in shaping you child’s carrier. It acts like a catalyst to bring out the hidden talent in children and also aids in overall development of the child. When children involve themselves in activities of their choice it sort of helps them to boost their confidence levels. Parents role is to identify the talents and interest of their kids and encourage them to pursue their interest. The best way a child can pursue their interest is by joining hobby classes, summer camps, short courses, workshops and many such beyond academic courses. And involving kids in such activities is the best way to keep them away from gadgets, video games and any such useless activities. Enrolling your child for hobby classes and extracurricular activities will help to enhance his skills and creativity. It will also provide him or her with a platform where he or she can present himself or herself. GYANPRO offers wide range of hobby classes like summer camps, weekend classes, short course and various other beyond academics courses offered by for which you can enrol your child during vacations. Some of our short courses include Astronomy club, Robotics club, Environmental club, Science of sound, Things around us, Kitchen chemistry, Cosmetic chemistry, 3D Printing, Crime science investigation, Biotechnology, Astronomy, Aeromodelling, Pyro chemistry and many more. GYANPRO has well designed courses which are mainly based on STEM curriculum. The main focus of our classes will be giving a supporting hand for your child’s inner creativity. And it is only possible by having a right kind of approach. There is room to showcase hidden talents and keep the creative juices flowing. In STEM education it is more of like an integration of concepts that are usually taught as separate individual subjects in different classes and different methods. So you should individually learn each of the subject along with their respective examples. But STEM learning emphasises on learning subject with respect to its application in real life solutions. The teaching methodologies in the STEM classes will be more like case studies where in all the knowledge is applied to find out solution for real world problems and tends to emphasise on project- based learning. There are is still an extensional course for STEM that is STEAM where in the extra ‘A’ means Art and design. As creativity is an essential part of innovation the Artistic designs have become very important in STEM Education. Majority of the STEM lessons includes building models and simulating situations. A STEM lesson turns out to be effective only when student understands the connection to the real world.

GYANPRO has excellently planned and designed lesson plans and unique Pedagogy. GYANPRO science squad has done all the necessary research and lot of planning has been involved in the work just to bring out the best curriculum for the students to make their learning more effective unlike the traditional learning aids. GYANPRO offers many STEM educational courses and workshops with just not regular classes but lot of take home projects, DIY’s and many more. The unique and innovative teaching methodology followed by GYANPRO Science squad is very different from the traditional teaching methods. A STEM lesson would start with introducing some sample products related to the lesson. Then students will carry out experiments with different materials available and also implement that knowledge and design some models using any computer aided designs. Suppose they want to build a model, they should first make estimations for which math is incorporated which demands measuring and budgeting of the required materials to build the model. For building it engineering thinking is needed as to define its use in real life. And this how the GYYANPRO STEM classes would take place. Each of GYANPRO’s short course or beyond academics clubs have unique layout for curriculum.

GYANPRO Astronomy club helps you find the answers for all the unknown mysteries of the Universe. Channelize your interest and excitement in a correct path without letting it fade away. This astronomy club gives the correct channel for you to utilise your intellect and explore new things. Astronomy is a very vast subject. GYANPRO Astronomy club ensures that maximum related topics to be covered. And astronomy is such interesting subject that can never boar anyone. The mysteries revolving around us always leaves me awestruck. Nothing can be more exciting than knowing our surroundings. Just theoretical learning does not satisfy the urge among kids to learn new things. The unique STEM learning methodology ensures the learning is effective.

GYANPRO Aeromodelling club has uniquely designed STEM curriculum. The STEM extra-curricular activities are most preferred now a days. Beyond academics is always a plus point and acts as add on for the academics. With lot of hands on activities and DIY’s included in the curriculum the kids involved in such activities will surely enjoy learning. It becomes like an edutainment program and not a boring class. This course is also designed to scale these handmade models to real life counterparts to understand how they work. The Aeromodelling short course is designed in such a way that children taking up this course are aware of the subject but donnot have a deep insight about it. So the hands on activities and DIY’s along with parallel teaching of the subject upsurges their enthusiasm. Engaging children in aeromodelling activities always builds up interest for science. It is always important to encourage kids to involve themselves in hobbies. Science summer camps are the right place where hobbies and interests can be enhanced. And aeromodelling workshops and beyond academic courses always enhance the scientific thinking in them.

In GYANPRO 3D printing class kids are involved in discussions about 3D design and printing technology. Initially the importance and need for such cutting-edge technology is elucidated. Kids are allowed to come up with their designs. This gives them opportunity to explore their designing skills too. Their designs are then 3D printed. The amount of excitement they get once they hold their 3D printed designs is just priceless. The advanced 3D printers are not easily available. Only such summer camps or short course classes will have it. Kids will learn the engineering behind the making. Since they are in a group they get to know innovative ideas of each other person. This creates a kind of competitive spirit among them to make an innovative model. . And they are also encouraged to showcase their models in STEM events.

GYANPRO Biotechnology workshop & short course provides the right platform for kids who want to explore and engage themselves in more of biotechnological activities. The course designed is a mix of both hands on activities along with parallel theoretical classes. Short courses and summer camps in Bangalore are the places where kids get to learn and implement their academic knowledge. STEM curriculum ensures better and effective learning. This curriculum covers all the investigation procedures like blood stain detection, finger print detection and many more. Application based learning is the missing factor in the regular academic curriculum.

GYANPRO Crime science investigation workshop gives a positive push among kids to think beyond what is seen. The way of thinking itself changes. Kids tend to learn more with all the practical Hands on sessions. And such group activities are always confidence boosters for them. They get to learn more when working in groups and also builds a kind of team spirit among them.

GYANPRO Cosmetic chemistry workshop and short course is more of application based learning which helps in effective learning of the subjects. STEM curriculum has been instilled in this course enabling productive learning. Academics and regular curriculum is like the foundation for children and this sort of beyond academic programs and workshop acts like tools to sharpen their skills. These kind of activities are the ones which tickles the scientific brain among kids. And group activities always give some kind of motivation and competitive spirit among children to think innovatively and develop new skills along having great time with STEM. Attending Cosmetic chemistry workshop makes the child feel very happy and special from other kids. It triggers the engineering minds in them and help them discover their true self.

GYANPRO Kitchen chemistry club, conducts such daily kitchen activities into fun stuff and allows your kids to explore it. Children now a days are very enthusiastic and more exposed to technology, so they expect something new which is not available to them. Such new innovative teaching method is implemented by this club. Hands on activities are the ones which enables children to learn more. They tend to learn only when they personally experience the happenings. As they are doing experiments it will create lot of doubts in their minds. That is the time when the science behind it is disclosed. This kind of teaching is what enables effective learning. GYANPRO Kitchen chemistry club’s main motto is to ensure effective learning happens and the kids in the club feel happy and satisfied.

GYANPRO Robotics workshop enables improvise on the hidden talents of kids. Robotics is most fun filled activity and also covers on most of the science topics. Robotic camps are like a combined program with hands on projects, a little theoretical explanation and lot of fun elements too. Keeping the enthusiasm of kids all throughout the program is very important in order make the learning effective. Academics and usual curriculum is like the foundation for children and this sort of beyond academic programs and workshop is what helps them sharpen their skills. These kind of activities keeps your kid’s creative juices flowing. And group activities always give some kind of motivation and competitive spirit among children to think innovatively and develop new skills with having great time with STEM. Attending robotics workshops makes the child feel very happy and special from other kids. It triggers the engineering minds in them and help them discover their true self. GYANPRO robotics short course has unique STEM curriculum which could inspire your child in future. Many kids just develop deep urge for scientific learning which will definitely improve on their carrier decisions.

GYANPRO Sound science course has a STEM based curriculum well designed keeping in mind the interest of students. Learn all about sounds and how they travel. This course is designed to enable kids to create or build various models that produce different sounds and noises. Sound and its phenomenon are very vast and have wide range applications. STEM curriculum and Science of sound workshop has employed application based teaching methodologies with more of hands on activities along with parallel theoretically teaching.

GYANPRO Science club ensures that the positive energy in the kids are channelized in the right path. And with many DIY’S and hands on activities they tend learn better than the regular class room sessions. There are outbound activities too which helps your kid get a closer touch with the environment. GYANPRO Pyro chemistry workshop provides improvisation on the hidden talents of kids. Pyro chemistry is most fun filled activity and also covers most of the chemistry related topics. Science camps are like a combined program with hands on projects and little theoretical explanation and lot of fun elements too. Keeping the enthusiasm of kids all throughout the program is very important in order to make the learning effective. Pyro chemistry mainly deals with how’s and why’s of chemical interactions at high temperatures. It is very important to educate them about chemicals that they encounter. Learn about how chemical reactions happen at high temperatures. This course also covers the application and uses of fire in our day to day life.

Selecting the right club will enhance a child’s ability to get along with different people and work as a team. Also builds up leadership qualities when called for taking up responsibilities. All these adds on lot of value in developing one’s personality. One hobby, pursued with passion, can certainly help a young person to bloom.