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GYANPRO provides the missing practical half of the scientific education taught to children of age 05 to 14 years in schools. We believe in developing a well-rounded mind through a creative learning experience using various mediums such as laboratory projects, nature explorations, hands-on-activities, science expeditions and science workshops.
Too often the art of science is missed out in the heavy details of concepts. Hence our goal at GYANPRO is to renew and refresh the young minds of today so that they can delve into the world of Science.

At GYANPRO, we believe that science is curious consciousness that forces one to re-analyze things that might seem routine to us. Here we kindle the child’s imagination by making them question day-today activities in turn increase the reasoning skills. The GYANPRO family firmly relies on the fact that only by asking questions will one find an answer. Hence we strive to inculcate the “ask-questions” habit in kids, so as to let them explore and understand the basic underlying concepts of science.

The Science Squad at GYANPRO, are an extremely enthusiastic, motivated, science-inspired group of individuals who have come together to help kids to express, to encourage and to infuse the aroma of science in their lives. The kids who come to GYANPRO will definitely be able to fall in love with science as passionately as the science squad here. The science squad, at GYANPRO firmly believes that the current science education in India produces students who are well-versed in committing to memory; the knowledge present in their textbooks without understanding the basic underlying principles involved. This often diminishes their creativity and their inquisitiveness. To rekindle the love for knowledge, encourage logical thinking and further create new concepts is exactly why GYANPRO was established.

At GYANPRO we encourage children to ask questions that cannot be easily answered within the confines of a classroom. We strive to think outside the box and aim to answer these many “Why’s and How’s” in a fun learning environment. Our vision is to kindle reasoning and logical thinking amongst kids which will enable them to tackle a scientific problem at hand easily.

GYANPRO strives to strengthen the two wings of a child’s mind – inquisitiveness and imagination, which helps them break the confines of the mundane and take a leap into a world full of different perceptions.


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Research and Development : Our Research and Training team at GYANPRO consists of highly qualified and passionate professionals who love teaching and promoting science amongst kids. The team focuses mainly on research, design and development of experiments, training material and worksheets Birthday Parties.

Science Squad : The completed and well - rounded product of the research team gets delivered and reaches the kids which in-turn help kids to better comprehend various aspects of science, be it through Science Summer Camps, Curriculum Based Programs at schools, Science Workshops or Science.

Marketing Team

Marketing team at GYANPRO consists of inspired professionals who find and identify the clients where the children need to be motivated in learning science.