“Science” is curious consciousness that forces you to investigate even the entity that might seem
routine to most of us.

Gyanpro's impact

GYANPRO'S impact
on your kid

Develop a taste to ask questions and even be smart to justify them by embracing the world of theories...”Science”.

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  • Getting involved with GYANPRO is like a one way ticket. The science, the fun and the fun with science just keeps you in there.
    Sai kiran
    Sai Kiran
  • A very good and sincere organization. Children love to learn scientific knowledge in a true scientific way
    Nagendra M S Kashyap
  • Excellent people, smart contribution to add flair in the field of teaching!!!!!
    Harshal Daragshetti
  • GYANPRO has come up with an brilliant and innovative idea.. And i feel very happy and previelaged that my daughter Priyanka is a part of this team..
    Rajani Reddy
  • Team of awesome people coming together to make Science an awesome experience smile emoticon All the best GYANPRO.
    Nanditha Ravi
  • Set of highly skilled people !! Big events, fun filled sessions, experiments etc. Super Like
    Nandish Pallagatti
  • Really I am astonished by seeing the photos of the GYANPRO work shop.every body is laughing with excitement. With the expression of the face only we can gauge their feelings. They are enjoying the fruits of knowledge.you are lighting the lamp of knowledge. In the minds of the children who are the real wealth of the nation. No caste or class bar the children and adults are enjoying the program. They are drenched with satisfaction. Let more and more light of knowledge be ignited. I am cursing myself because I lost the chance of attending the program .let the mini sciencests of today, the great scientists of tomorrow. May God bless you with great success in your life.
    Saroja Rao